Plane Spotting Alicante

Hotel Areca

This hotel is currently the closest to Alicante Airport. It is sitauated around 1 mile to the northwest of the airport abeam the Runway 10 threshold. The airport perimeter and photo vantage points are about a 15 minute walk away.

The hotel is of good quality, large bedrooms and free wifi. The hotel has plenty of restaurants and bars only a short walk away.

Rooms in the range 310-320 are reported to have the runway views shown in the photograph below, with 318 and 320 probably the best due to the angle. Flight tracking is needed for tie ups although when on Runway 10 it is possible to read off traffic lining up on the runway late afternoon once the heat haze has died down.

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Rooms in the range 310-320 give a distant view onto Runway 10 at Alicante

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