Plane Spotting Kunming

Kunming Guandu Hotel
Location: ** A short taxi ride, this hotel is very conveniently located just one mile from the busy terminal.
Spotting: *** Ask for rooms 9009 or 9011. From either of these rooms you’ll have excellent views of the threshold of the runway (03/21) as well as general views of the airport. Even in the dark you should still manage to read off the majority of the aircraft off.
Photos: ** No reports but may be possible.
Value: ** From £50 weekend rates
Book:   This hotel is available through the sites of AGODA
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A list of other hotels in the Kunming area can be found here AGODA

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  • Nick Birrell

    This is no longer relevant as this airport is closed

    • Paul Holmes

      Hi did you discover any open air spots at Kunming New airport? I’m flying from there next week and may arrive early for some spotting, thanks