Plane Spotting Muscat

The City Centre Hotel
Location: *
First, it has to be said that the ‘City Centre Hotel’ is no where near the city centre, but neither is the airport, so that’s OK!
Spotting: **
You have to ask for rooms on the front of the building, that faces a very busy main road, however noise and lights are not a problem when sleeping. Rooms 304, 305, 306 & 307 are best, but the same rooms on the second floor are just as good, just a little lower of course.
The hotel is marked on Google Earth and is at 23 35’55.08N 58 14’57.91 E, it lies about half a mile to the North of the extended centre line of 08R – 26L, at the 08 end.
The airport can be seen from the rooms, but too far to read anything off, about 2.5 miles to the apron. However, its good enough with bins to see c/s, type, etc., so with a AirNav box or similar, you are OK.
Photos: *
Photographs are possible, but you have to get them as they go past a ‘gap’ as the windows do not open fully. Its certainly good enough to confirm registrations, but you probably wont be adding the pictures to your collection! I have attached two, both taken from room 204 with a 300mm lens, take off from 26L and landing on to 08R.
Trip Report And Photo Credit : Chris Hughes
Value: **           Around £65 a night
Book:            This hotel can be booked through AGODA or
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 Aeotel Muscat Airport (Transit Passengers only)

 This hotel is only available to transit passengers therefore has to be planned as a long stopover from a long haul trip, or a stopover with just your hand luggage.

Not all of the rooms have airport views but if you make the request on check in they will try to oblige. In the event that you do not get a view, the airport piers are only a couple of minutes walk away where all movements can be seen.

An airport view room will have a limited number of stands but full view of one of the two parallel runways now in use at Muscat. Rooms are available to book for between periods of 3 to 12 hours

Further information and bookings can be made at This hotel can be booked through AGODA or

 Below : A runway view and a limited number of stands can be seen from an airport facing Aerotel room.


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