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Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport (update Jan 2021)
is located directly behind Terminal 2 and is linked to all terminals by an elevated walkway. Rooms on a high floor facing the airport have excellent views of most of the aprons and distant views of the runways. Although this hotel is not cheap it does offer great views for spotters. Further views are available by taking the elevated walkway to Terminal 1 and then following the signs for the multi storey car park. From the top floor of the car park all movements can be seen.
Location: *** Very conveniently located near Terminal 2.
Spotting: *** With an airport facing room expect to read off everything you see
Photos: *** Good photo opportunities are possible from the rooms.
Value: ** Prices start from £64 a night on the websites below

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Below : Video showing the great views from an apron facing room at The Radisson Blu.

Airport Inn and Spa (ex Moathouse and Holiday Inn) Update October 2020
Located to the south of the airport this is only a 10 minute walk away from one of the best photography spots in Europe.This area is situated well away from the terminal complex therefore the hotel offers a great location to base yourself. A regular shuttle bus connects the airport to hotel
Location: *** Located to the south of the airport this is only a 10 minute walk away from one of the best photography spots in Europe. Walk out of the hotel and follow the directions shown on the map below to take you to the mound area which overlooks the threshold of runway 23L. Here you can get superb line up shots from first light to mid afternoon. If 06 is in use follow the green line marking out the footpaths to the 06 end for great touch down shots.
Spotting: ** No reports from the room but once you get to the mound you will see everything
Photos: *** From the mound get your postcard shots, it doesn’t get any better.
Value: ** From around £65 per room a night. An excellent price to pay for the photgraphs that you will get.
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A typical shot from the runway 06 footpath only a 15 minute walk from the Airport Inn and Spa
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