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As plane spotting viewing areas disappear from the worldwide airport scene finding an airport hotel with views is becoming an important part of planning an aircraft spotting trip abroad.

We decided to form this web site to give fellow aviation enthusiasts one web site where they are able to find a hotel for their destination which has been recommended by their fellow “plane spotters”. Obviously as airports grow certain hotels loose their views whilst other new ones appear which give good opportunities for watching planes at the airport.

You do not have to be a plane spotter to use this site. The hotels featured are also of use to anybody interested in aviation, be it businessmen on a layover at an airport hotel, aviation professionals or families trying to keep their children entertained.

We wish you lots of fun on our website – and an enjoyable stay in your plane-spotting-room with a view!

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Due to the large number of reports we receive this website is labour intensive, taking around 14 hours work per week to maintain.

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  • Advertise your accommodation. We feature hotels, guest houses, villas, apartments and camp sites. All that we need is confirmation that your accommodation is suitable for aircraft spotting or aircraft photography eg. has views of the airport, or is situated on final approach to any of the airports runways.
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