Plane Spotting Cancun

The Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa

This hotel is situated around 3 miles South East of Cancun Airport. The Hotel complex is massive, stretching for more than a mile along the beach and with dozens of individual 3 storey accommodation blocks. The resort is split into 3 distinct areas. From north to south, these are known as Sunrise, Nizuc and Grand. We were in a 2nd floor (top floor), north facing ocean room view in the Sunrise section (Pina block).

The most northerly buildings in Sunrise would be closest to the path of departing aircraft (or landings on the rare occasions when the wind is from the north). The buildings are well spaced from each other,with gardens in between, so even a 1st floor or ground floor room should have views of departing aircraft, although landing aircraft would be lower.

Rooms in the Nizuc and Grand areas are probably too far away to read movements and no aircraft movements would be seen from south facing rooms, or garden view rooms near the main lobby block. Basically, I’d go for Sunrise area, north facing room and the higher and nearer the beach the better

Credit: Graham Stevens

Location: * A fair way from the airport, however this is an ideal family resort with the added bonus that aircraft can be read off from this hotel.
Spotting: ** Around 75% of the traffic can be read off from this hotel as they pass directly overhead. Flighttracking equipment would be required for the remaining flights.
Photos: ** The aircraft are virtually overhead in the turn when departing so no good for photography. If landing from over the sea reasonable shots may be possible from the beach area (around a 2.5 mile final)
Value: * A top class Spa and Resort suitable for that special occasion with a little spotting thrown in Expect to pay at least £200 a room per night

The hotel can be booked through the  Moon Palace page

 Full packages and flight only deals can be booked through Monarch Holidays and Thomson Holidays (B787 route on certain Thomson Flights)

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  • Peter Wright

    I stayed at this hotel in sunrise but in PINATO block i took some photos from my room with a 300mm lens.
    Peter Wright.