Plane Spotting East Midlands Airport

The Radisson Blu Hotel
Location: *** Great location, situated in front of the Holiday Inn Express with airport facing rooms giving an excellent view of all runway movements, as well as the UPS freight apron.
Spotting: *** In daytime everything can be read off from an airport facing room. Flight tracking software may be required during darkness. Ask for a high level runway view room, the hotel reception get lots of requests and know what you mean. Rooms ending in 07-015 on the 3rd floor or above have confirmed runway views. Note that any family rooms do not have runway views as they face the wrong direction.
Photos: ** Shots may be possible from the room with a good zoom. Otherwise if you walk out of the hotel towards the runway you will get good quality take off or landing shots when the aircraft is in the air
Value: ** Fairly expensive at £71 for a twin room at weekends. 
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Plane Spotting East Midlands
 View of short finals to Runway 27 General view of airfield. Credit for photos  Looking left you can see the climb out from Runway 27.




The Holiday Inn Express 
is located just 1 mile from the terminal building and is linked by a courtesy shuttle bus. The best thing about this hotel is its proximity to the UPS apron and Runway 27 / 09. As most of the interesting movements at this airport after dark, this hotel offers a convenient location for reading off most of the cargo flights. Expect to see 2 UPS B767’s on the apron at night during the week as well as other interesting aircraft. By taking a very short walk from the hotel you will be able to read off any aircraft parked on the UPS apron with ease. Use the free shuttle bus to take you to the terminal were you will see several Easyjet and Ryanair aircraft to name just a few.
Location: *** Great location to read off the UPS flights.
Spotting: *** You shouldn’t miss much from here. You will however need to get the shuttle bus to the terminal to complete your log.
Photos: ** Probably quite difficult from the hotel but better opportunities exist at the terminal.
Value: **  Fairly expensive at £79 for a twin room at weekends. This price does include a complimentary breakfast however.
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