Plane Spotting Geneva

Plane spotting Geneva

The main time for plane spotting in Geneva is during the annual bizz jet gathering EBACE. The airport is also a great location all year round however, due to its great mix of traffic and executive jets, as well as the scenic mountainous backdrop to photos.

NH Geneva Airport Hotel
is located just North of the 05 threshold in the town of Meyrin. The hotel is just 1.5km form the airport and offers a free shuttle bus to the airport and the railway station for anyone who wants to sample the sights and sounds of this attractive city. Just a short taxi ride from the hotel is the public viewing area at the general aviation facility which faces south looking back towards the terminal areas. The hotel has its own bar and restaurant. There is a shell garage about 5 minutes away that sells food and drink, and was quite reasonable. Hotel has free Wi-Fi. Shuttle bus runs every 15 mins and is free.
Location: ** Great location just North of runway 05 threshold.
Spotting: **

The hotel is shaped as a doughnut, so you want a high room facing the airport, I believe these are only double superior rooms (as we got upgraded). We had room 516. You need a high view room to get a decent view. If you ask the receptionist for a view of airport they will do this for you. If you are spotting, you can read the reg’s off in between the trees as they line up.

Photos: ** Landing shots are OK if landing on runway 05, but not a chance of take off shots because of the trees
Value: *** Excellent value for a weekend stopover. Prices are typically £60 for a twin room rising to approximately £80 during the week. This price does not include breakfast.


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