Plane Spotting Gran Canaria

Gran Hotel Vecindario Aeropuerto
Is a business hotel located in Vecindario, which sits inland on a 4 mile final to the 03 Runways at Las Palmas. The town is not a holiday resort and is situated away from the major resorts and beaches and therefore is only of use for spotting, or a relaxing sun holiday if happy with just staying in the hotel. Cheap car hire in the area can be obtained from the car hire comparison site of Nova Car Hire 
Location: * Situated away from the airport complex by around 4 miles and also well away from tourist resorts. The lively holiday resorts are around 30 minutes drive from the hotel whilst the airport itself is around 10-15 minutes drive away
Spotting: ** The major plus of this hotel is it’s rooftop pool. If traffic is landing on the 03 Runways (the predominant runway direction most of the year) it will pass virtually in front of the hotel at around 1200 feet, therefore the majority of traffic should be able to be read off with a good telescope. With flight tracking the moderate amount of airways traffic will also be seen over the hotel.
Photos: *  No reports. Photos may be possible with a high powered lens.
Value: ** Good value at around £60 a night

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Other hotels in the town of Vecindario may also offer views as the town is near to the final approach. A list of hotels in the town can be found at AGODA

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The rooftop pool area gives great views out over the final approach

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