Plane Spotting Hannover

Maritim Airport Hotel
is located just 50m from the terminal building and is only a 3 minute walk away. For anyone who can’t face a 3 minute walk there is a complimentary shuttle bus available. The hotel is shaped like an aeroplane and overlooks a lake. Ask for a room on a high floor facing the airport, in otherwords not facing the lake. There are no actual spotting reports from this hotel, but looking at its location on a map it is hard to imagine how you won’t see at least one of the parallel runways and some of the apron
Location: *** Only a 3 minute walk from the terminal.
Spotting: ** No actual reports but with a bit of luck there could be very good views
Photos: ** Again, no reports but there must be a reasonable chance for photos
Value: ** A twin room at a weekend costs only £52 which offers great value. During the week prices rise to approximately £83.
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