Plane Spotting Madrid

Hotel B and B ( Formally the Express By Holiday Inn)

The hotel is located abeam the final approach to runway 33L at Madrid so the majority of arrivals on this runway can be read off. An SBS is useful to identify the arrivals on 33R, especially if the aircraft are of commuter size. Wifi is available at around 11 euros per night. 

Note that room numbers have changed since the owners took over from the Holiday Inn therefore any old room numbers will now be out of date. Rooms 420 and 422 have confirmed views of the approach. Room 420 is also next to a large window at the end of the corridor which opens wide enough to allow photography of inbound aircraft.

Location: *** The hotel reportedly no longer offers a shuttle bus, therefore a taxi may be required to get here as it is in a remote location. There have been reports of people using the Auditorium Hotel Shuttle (above) and then walking to the Hotel B and B which is around 15-20 mins walk away. Public buses run from the airport to nearby the hotel. From the terminal take the 200 or 101 to Canellejas which is a small bus station. From here take the 224 bus and get off at the motorway bridge just prior to the hotel, total cost around 4 euros. Alternatively we recommend the Nova Car Hire comparison site for giving the best car hire rates in Madrid
Spotting: *** Arrivals on 33L can be read off from the hotel room as well as the majority on 33R in the distance. SBS or ACARS is useful for identifying the commuters on 33R . Some rooms on the top 2 floors  should give the views that you are looking for. Departures from the new runway cannot be seen from the room, however a short walk down the corridor brings you to a window with views of the departure runway (SBS usually picks up outbound aircraft as they taxy out giving you notice to do this). Room 420 has reported great views of the runway, with photos possible from the window which partly opens. Room 420 is at the end of the corridor, from this corridor window you get a great overall view of the airport. Room 420 is classed as a family room and has a double bed along with sofa bed.
Photos: *** A short walk from the hotel towards the airport will get you excellent shots of the 33L approach. Room 420 gives photo possibilities of inbound aircraft.
Value: *** From just £55 at weekends for a standard twin room.
Book:   This hotel can be booked through the Website
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Madrid Spotting maps and satnav download : A great site with maps of the spotting locations at Madrid , along with a downloadable Satnav file for the all Spanish Airports, ensuring that you are guided to all locations without ever consulting a map again.

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Auditorium Madrid Airport
Is around 1.5 miles from the airport entrance but is well placed on the Eastern Airfield perimeter and possibly now gives the best views over the Airport. The hotel is reported to offer free wifi. NOTE : Recent reports state that the hotel has now covered a lot of room windows with mesh which greatly reduces the views from these rooms. A few rooms do not have the mesh covering and still offer great views. The rooms that you need without the mesh are reported to be 2105, 2106, 2107, 2111.
Location: ** On the perimeter between runway 01 and 33 thresholds. The DHL cargo apron is situated across the road behind tress with partial views possible. Ask for a high level room overlooking the main road and airport. A free shuttle bus operates to the airport. Views have been confirmed as excellent from room 2105
Spotting: ** Rooms on the correct side of the hotel have a medium range view over the airport. Around 75% of the traffic can be read on with a telescope. Traffic can be seen and identified landing on runway 33L , however runway 33R is a little too distant to read off but ACARS/SBS can be used to good advantage. In quiet periods the hotel closes annex described above which means that there are no direct views of the airport. In this case ask for room 2257 which will give you views of the approaches to runway 33L and 33R.
Photos: ** A 10 minute walk will take you to the popular photo spot which the locals use on finals to runway 33L Follow the aircraft along the main road to reach this point !
Value: **
Twin room are typically priced at £85 per night for both weekend and midweek stays.
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Ibis Barajas
is located in Barajas and is ideally positioned to take the 20 minute walk from Barajas to the mound. Hotel has free wifi
Location: ** Exit the metro in Barajas and walk away from the airport into Barajas for around 5 mins.
Spotting: ** Distant views of arrivals can be seen from 1st floor. Higher floors are better but only have double beds.
Photos: * Mound a convenient walk from here for great photos.
Value: *** Rooms from as little as £40
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The BW Hotel Villa De Barajas
is found just 2 miles from the airport and offers a shuttle bus to and from the airport free of charge. The bus runs between 6am and midnight. The hotel request that you ring them on arrival to arrange a pick up time. Reports suggest that some of the rooms have views of the airport but all the activity is in the distance and it is not possible to read off anything. The hotel has a restaurant and offers complimentary breakfast.
Location: ** A 15 minute walk away from the famous spotting/photo mound shown on the map below. Don’t forget to make a note of the hotel phone number so you can ring on arrival. Another option is to get the train from the airport to Barajas , the hotel is a 5 minute walk from the station.
Spotting: ** Limited views of the airport but at a distance which makes reading aircraft off impossible. The closeness to the mound is the appeal of this hotel
Photos: ** No reports available, although it is probably quite likely that there won’t be any chance of photos. Of corse excellent photos can be had from the mound only a 15 minute walk away
Value: ** Twin room are typically priced at £71 per night for both weekend and midweek stays.
Book:   This hotel can be booked through AGODA .
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High Tech Madrid Aeropuerto
is very conveniently located just 1.6 miles from the terminal buildings. Linked by a free shuttle bus, this hotel offers a convenient place to stay with very competitive prices. There are possible views from some of the rooms of the airport although is far from guaranteed. Try asking for a room facing the airport when you book and keep your fingers crossed. 
Location: ** Only a short bus ride from the terminal.
Spotting: * No actual reports
Photos: * No actual reports, but it is almost certain that there will bo no decent opportunities for photos from the hotel.
Value: ** Prices during the week are typically £74, and at weekends prices start at about £66.
Book:   This hotel can be booked through AGODA
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Tryp Diana
is again located close to the airports terminal building. The hotel offers a courtesy bus for the short 1.7 mile journey. Ask for a view of the airport on booking and you should be rewarded with a  view of the freight apron. The hotel has a bar and a cheap cafe on site. Other restaurants are to be found nearby   
Location: ** A free shuttle bus is provided for the short ride to the hotel.
Spotting: ** Limited views of the freight apron are possible depending on your room number.
Photos: * No real opportunities for photos from the hotel.
Value: *** Just £55 at weekends for a standard twin room. Prices rise to approximately £85 for a midweek stay.
Book:   This hotel can be booked through Agoda
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  • Tony Wright

    Just checked in to the Auditorium at Madrid. Current reports are accurate, bu there are a few more details to round out the picture. You want an airport facing room in Block 1, 2nd floor. That is the highest floor possible with airport facing rooms. The bad part is that all of the rooms are designated as smoking. I am in 2165 and the view is great. Mixture of rooms (i’m told) with 1 or 2 beds, so just state your preference. Nice big window, but quite dirty so pictures from the room not ideal. All movements easily tracked by SBS. Heat haze during the day makes reading anything on the ground difficult. All Air Europa feeders come in between 1-2pm to load up the A330′s. 6 Air Europa ATR’s on the ground as i write this at 2pm local time and 6-7 Embraers also.

    There is a shuttle bus which runs every 15 minutes between the airport and hotel. Go outside at the airport and look for the airport shuttle area – in T1/T2 it is on the middle-island. I arrived at 12noon and had no problems getting a room straight away. That’s all for now – back to the action :)

  • Tony Wright

    Further to my report yesterday – some additional info – After scouting out the hotel, there is a 3rd floor with rooms that have the same view – not sure why they wouldn’t give me one (I did ask). Also, there is a roof-top sports area that is open and provides view into the near-left corner of the field. It is stuffed with bizjets that would normally be at Torrejon. Not sure if Torrejon is closed permanently? Anyway, the ramp to the left is full – still can only read a handful due to buildings being in the way. Late check-out is available – 2pm = free, just ask. To stay longer (until 6pm = 30 euro).

  • Tony Wright

    One more report – WiFi at the hotel is free and fast :) Also, overflights are very frequent – there are a number of very busy flight paths overhead to keep you busy while Barajas is boring you to death. The 2nd day here is very slow for new numbers hitting the book, although necessary to fill those pesky gaps.

  • Ben C

    is Hotel B&B madrid airport any good for spotting?

  • Andy F

    The Auditorium has a wire mesh screening which wraps around each level of the hotel (presumably to shield each window from the sun), and even you are lucky enough to get an airport facing room, aircraft are virtually impossible to read off and you can only really identify aircraft on the move using SBS. Very frustrating as it would be a great view without the mesh.

  • Andy F

    Following on from my previous message, I have now managed to swap rooms and it seems only certain rooms have the mesh. I have moved from room 2110 to 2105 and this has a clear view (albeit the biz and cargo are a bit obscured by trees). Rooms 2106, 7, and 11 would also be ok. If in any doubt, speak to the bell boy who will be able to assist with rooms. Hope this helps!

  • Steve Charlton

    Stayed at the B & B Hotel, room 420 is the best room and arrivals on runway 33L pass very close. Arrivals on runway 33R are further away and require flightradar24 to identify them. The window at the end of the corridor just outside this room provides great views of the airport and allows arrivals/departures on the 18/36 runways to be monitored, albeit at some distance. WiFi is complimentary and there is a shuttle service but it needs to be booked before you travel and costs 15 Euros (note that a taxi from the airport starts at 20 Euros though).

  • Matt

    Stayed at the Ibis Barajas recently, was allocated room 338 which faced the approaches to both 14/32 runways. None of the traffic viewed from this hotel can be read off but with the help of an SBS not much would be missed on those two runways. Certain movements can be seen taxi-ing around the T1- T3 and cargo area but cannot be read off. On the third floor any even numbered room between 324 – 340 would be acceptable for the previously described views. WiFi is free throughout the hotel and breakfast can be had for €8, there is also a McDonalds across the road which is open 24hrs.

    • Liam

      Did you spot from the hotel the whole time?

      • Matt

        I did mate yeah and made quite an impression on my Iberia Long haul fleet ! WiFi was free and pretty quick, which meant Flight Radar 24 a breeze. Hotel breakfast is good too.