Plane Spotting Moscow Domodedovo

The Aerotel
is located just a 5 minute walk from the airport terminal. The hotel offers free breakfast as well as free wifi
Location: *** Only a 5 minute walk from the terminal and 10 minute walk from the maintenance aprons
Spotting: ** Room 807 facing North enables you to see all traffic landing Runways 14L or 14R and 32L. SBS or flight tracking software is required to identify a lot of the traffic. The hotel is only a short walk from the terminals where views can be had from the coffee shop.
Photos: * Souvenier shots are demonstrated as shown below. The windows open fully inwards allowing shots to be taken.
Value: * This is not a cheap hotel. The price of a twin room is typically £160 per night,however this is the only reported hotel near to the terminals.
Book:   This hotel can be booked here
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Plane spotting Moscow

Above : Movements arriving on 14L can be photographed from room 807. The above was taken with a 270mm lens. Credit Tim Bott

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  • Tim Bott

    Stopped in the Airhotel for 3 nights from October 17th 2013. Stayed in Room 807 facing north, and using SBS, nothing was missed either arriving on 14L or 14R or departing on 32L. Breakfast was free as was the Wi-Fi and mini bar. Room price worked out at £125 per night. JAL B787 is seen arriving on runway 14L taken with a 270mm lens from my room where the windows actually open fully inwards.