Plane Spotting Oakland

Hampton Inn And Suites

The Hampton Inn is located in a great position North of the runway adjacent to the threshold of Runway 11 at Oakland. Even numbered rooms give good views regardless of the wind direction.

If Runway 29 is in use aircraft depart overhead the hotel and are easily read off. In the event that Runway 11 is in use the situation is even better as aircraft pass the hotel at low level at close quarters. For photographers this hotel is ideal as the windows open in the room, if landing on Runway 11 great shots can be taken of arriving aircraft.

Oakland Airport is a major Southwest airlines hub and also houses a significant UPS hub so is well worth a nightstop if in the area.

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View from outside of The Hampton Inn when Oakland are on Runway 29. Similar views can be had from even numbered rooms. When landing on Runway 11, arrivals pass much closer.
Hotel reviews can be found on Tripadvisor.
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