Plane Spotting Rio De Janeiro Galeo

Luxor Aeroporto
Is located on top of the terminal building at Rio’s International Airport. 
Location: *** Located on the terminal building between the two terminals
Spotting: *** No actual reports from the hotel, however there appears from pictures to be rooms overlooking the apron area. Regardless of this the food malls in terminal’s 1 and 2 with their associated views are only a 5 minute walk from the hotel
Photos: ** No reports although there must be a good chance that photos would be possible from the room or within the terminal complex.
Value: * Expect to pay around £130 a room per night
Book:   The hotel can be booked through the following links AGODA
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  • Mike

    I stayed at this hotel earlier in the year. There are no rooms with a view. The rooms that face airside have no windows. The receptionist informed me that this was done on purpose to prevent noise from the aircraft. Annoyingly, there is a lot of noise from the corridor as people go past and you can faintly hear the terminal tannoy announcements coming through the air-con. On the upside, the restaurant was very nice, and the hotel is, as stated, a short walk from the food mall which has full length windows. Overall, the justification for staying at this hotel is mainly because it is ‘on airport’.