Plane Spotting Santorini

Aegean Plaza Hotel
Is a high class resort situated in the resort Kamari, which is under the final approach to Santorini by around 1-2 miles. The hotel is ideal for families, being situated on the seafront with a wide range of bars and restaurants only a short distance away. A supermarket is located outside of the hotel. Cheap car hire in the area can be obtained from the car hire comparison site of Nova Car Hire
Location: ** Away from the actual airport but situated beneath the final approach to Santorini Airport
Spotting: ** Aircraft can be seen from the external doorways leading into the apartments as they approach over the sea. Good views can also be had from the pool and beach area. A scanner or flight tracking software is useful as you need to open your door to see the traffic. Binoculars are required to read the aircraft off, with flight tracking software useful in darkness. As the resort is very close to the airport, arrivals can also be seen from most of the resorts cafe’s and restaurants whilst you are out and about.
Photos: ** Photos like the one shown below are possible from the hotel. Great shots can also be taken from the beach area outside of the hotel
Value: ** Good value at around £60 a night

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Plane Spotting Santorini Image 2 (300px) Image 3 (300px)
Typical shot of an inbound taken from the exterior door of the apartment.

Report and photo credit : Derek Smith



Other hotels in the resort of Kamari may also offer views as the town is near to the final approach. A list of hotels in the town can be found at AGODA. A large list of hotels available on the Island of Santorini including all the major resorts can be found at



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