Plane Spotting Sao Paulo Guarulhos

Matiz Hotel
Can be found on short final to the International Airport at Guarulhos. This is the hotel that all of the local photographers hang out at to get great landing shots when on the Easterly runways. The hotel management have agreed roof terrace access for Aviation photographers providing that they email the hotel a couple of days prior to arrival stating that they wish to use the rooftop facilities. Groups of 10 or more will be required to pay for an additional security escort fee arranged with the hotel on arrival.Note access is only available to those guests staying at the hotel. Excellent shots, such as the one shown below will be possible from the roof. This access has been confirmed by plane spotting hotels with the hotel management, however we accept no responsibility in the event that the roof is withdrawn at short notice.
Location: ** On the perimeter of the airport on very short final to runway 09L. The hotel has a free courtesy bus from the airport, note you must book your return journey back to the airport through reception.
Spotting: *** Ask for a high level room facing the airport. Reports indicate that if traffic is departing either of the 09 runways you can read them off from the rooms. Arriving traffic passes virtually over the top of the hotel. Even numbered rooms are reported to face the airport, whilst odd numbered rooms face the approach.
Photos: *** Excellent photos are possible from the grounds of the Matiz hotel of arriving traffic when they are using the 09 runways. With newly arranged rooftop viewing this really is a superb hotel for the enthusiast.
Value: ** Good value with rooms from £75 a night

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A typical video taken from the Hotel Matiz demonstrates what a magnificent hotel this is for the photographer.

Credit :  Navegador RJ  Visit this link for some great Brasilian Aviation action

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Above : Great views can be had of the runway threholds from The Matiz. Credit Marco van Halum











The Matiz allows great landing shots from the rooftop area. Credit Marco van Halum

Hotel Ceasar SP International Airport
This hotel receives very good reviews from the travel forums, often referred to as one of the best airport hotels in the area. A shuttle bus links the hotel to the terminal operating every 20 minutes at peak times.
Location: ** On the south western perimeter of the airport opposite the Runway 09 thresholds.
Spotting: ** Ask for a north facing room with a runway view above the 5th floor to have fairly distant views of the action. Flight tracking software is required for certain movements and is necessary during darkness.
Photos: * No reports but probably too distant.
Value: ** Good value with rooms from £95 a night
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Photos of Hotel Caesar SP Int. Airport Managed By Pullman, Guarulhos

Above : Runway facing rooms give a distant outlook over the approach when the Easterly runways are in use for landing.

Credit  Tripadvisor 

A list of other hotels in the Sao Paulo GRU Airport area can be found here at  AGODA

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