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Scottsdale Marriott McDowell Mountains
Location: ** Located on short final to Runway 21 at Scottsdale, the hotel makes a fine nightstop for those searching GA and bizzjet activity away from Phoenix Airport. This is a high class resort on expansive grounds littered with palm trees and is an ideal family retreat. Great views can be had of the mountains or desert landscape (as well as landing bizz jets)
Spotting: ** You are bang under the approach or climb out, depending upon the runway in use at the time.
Photos: *** With a zoom great approach shots can be taken from the hotel balcony as shown on the photo below.
Value: * From around £110 per room per night for this top class property.
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Photos of Scottsdale Marriott at McDowell Mountains, Scottsdale

 Great arrival shots can be taken from the hotel balcony as shown here. TripAdvisor

For  a list of other hotels in the vicinity of Scottsdale Airport please check out the AGODA website

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