Plane Spotting Tallinn

Ulemiste Hotel
Is a 5 minute walk from the terminal. Wifi works very well. Hotel has a bar and restaurant. A short walk away is the Ulemiste shopping centre for more supplies. Behind the shopping centre is a train station where you can go into the city centre or you can walk to the airport terminal for a public bus. Not an overly busy airport but a few nice visitors – Aeroflot SSJ for example are daily. Report credit Kevin Stokes
Location: *** Is a 5 minute walk from the terminal
Spotting: ** 5 floors, some odd numbers face the front with views over the lake and approach to Rwy-08 roughly rooms 01-25. Even numbers face the back and will have views towards the terminal and some stands. There is also a window at the end of the corridors with views of the approach and some parking stands
Photos:   Not reported
Value: *** Good value from £58 a night with breakfast
Book:   This hotel can be booked at the following places: AGODA
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