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Novotel Warszawa Airport Hotel
is found just over 1 mile away from Warsaw Airport and only 3 .5 miles from the city centre. The hotel has its own swimming pool, restaurant and bar. No reports have been forthcoming on this hotel from a spotters perspective, but given the location it may be possible to see aircraft either departing or arriving, although there are obviously no guarantees! We would greatly appreciate any reports from spotters who have used this hotel in the past, or indeed anyone who is planning a trip there in the future.  
Location: *** Very convenient for the airport.
Spotting: ** As stated above there are no confirmed reports. However, the airport has an open air terrace which provides fine views of all the action.
Photos: ** No reports available. From the terrace good photos are possible, although take care as the sun is often in the wrong place!
Value: *** Great value for a hotel of this quality. Prices start at £48 for a twin room at weekends rising to £62 for a midweek stay.
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Hotel Lord
Is located on short final to Runway 15 at Warsaw Airport. The hotel is reported to be of a pretty low standard, however runway facing rooms do have views of traffic. Although advertised as having in room wifi, reports indicate that the signal in certain rooms is patchy at best. There is a tram stop located directly in front of the hotel.
Location: ** Situated on the North Western perimeter of Warsaw Airport
Spotting: ** Ask for a runway facing room to get a view of the action. No room numbers have been supplied. This hotel is the only one reported in the Warsaw area that can actually give some views of traffic.
Photos: * No reports of high quality photos but see the attached photo below. Photography would be good until mid morning during the summer months. The hotel is reported to have a runway facing terrace overlooking the airport attached to the 6th floor banqueting suite. Although never tried, it may be worth asking reception if you can have access to this terrace if there is not a function in progress.
Value: *** Excellent value at around £28 a night.

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Photos of Hotel Lord, Warsaw

Above : View from an airport facing room at the Lord Hotel. Credit  Tripadvisor 

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