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Regal Hotel

The Regal is connected to the Terminal 2 building and is therefore a convenient stopover with no shuttle bus required.

Views are reportedly possible from floors 7 and above, floors 8 and 9 are on the executive level. This actually gives you access to the lounge which offers good views of the northern runway of the two parallels.

Odd numbered rooms also have a similar view of the northern runway, with even numbers facing the other way looking out onto the southern parallel. It appears that both runways are used for arrival and departures as they allocate the nearest runway to the arrival/departure route so there is a chance that you could miss the odd movement from your room however….

There is a window located near to some lifts down the corridor which actually offers views of the approach or climb out (depending on wind direction) of the southern runway as well as the cross taxiway. A lower numbered room facing North would place you near to these windows enabling you to quickly leave the room and view the other runway for any interesting movement.

If you are in a south facing room you are slightly more limited as there is no corridor window looking north. 23L departures on the south runway are easily seen, 23R departures can be seen in the distance climbing out unless they take an northbound turn out. Flight trackers are obviously needed to alert you to when traffic is rolling off the north runway as you do not see them for long once they are climbing out. The majority of aircraft landing on 23L roll into sight of the room on arrival.

The major bonus of a south facing room is the fact that you are facing the cargo apron. There are some pretty exotic visitors during the night and the cargo ramp is well illuminated allowing these to be read off.

To conclude, odd facing rooms face the north runway with the added bonus of a window in the corridor facing the south runway so you get most things. The south facing room only allows the south runway to be seen with only distant views of certain departures off the north runway-the main bonus of the south rooms is the ability to read off freighters during the night.

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Below. View looking north from the executive lounge. Rewind the video from the start to see the room from the room (which is very similar)

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