Plane Spotting Aruba

Aruba Surfside Marina Hotel
Location: ** Located at Surfside beach which is abeam short finals to Runway 11 at Aruba.
Spotting: ** No actual reports from any hotel rooms although some sea view rooms may have distant views due to the angle out over the sea. The hotels beach however will give views of inbounds shown below.
Photos: ** A 10 minute walk down the beach will take you to the beach area north of the threshold for close up action. Unfortunately you are facing into sun for most of the day.
Value: *** Around £100 a night
Book:   The hotel can be booked here   Other hotels in the vicinity ofAruba Airport can be found at or AGODA
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Plane Spotting Aruba

Above : View from the beach area of the Aruba Surfside Marina Hotel, Aruba.

This photo of Aruba Surfside Marina is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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