Plane Spotting Auckland

The Novotel Auckland Airport
Location: *** A great location situated outside of the International passenger terminal
Spotting: *** Superb location with views over the terminal towards the runway
Photos: ** No reports of photography but check out the video below as this demonstrates that photos should be possible.
Value: *** From around £100 a night but great value for views like this. This hotel is well recommended for your first or last night in New Zealand if you are looking for some great aviation related views.
Book:   The hotel can be booked on the NOVOTEL website
For a list of other hotels in the Auckland Airport area please click here.
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 Great video showing the view from the hotel room at the Novotel Auckland.

Credit Aviation NLNZ . Check out the NLNZ youtube page for more great videos.


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  • Andy Smith

    Great video added from The Novotel Auckland.

  • John Davis

    Just for information, the viewing deck in the International terminal is currently closed (August 2015)

  • Chris Mahaffy

    The hotel itself is excellent, although not cheap. The best view is from a window at the end of the corridor on the top floor overlooking the airport. This window has somewhat poor glass which tends to distort images…although good images CAN be obtained if you keep the lens perpendicular to the glass as much as you can. For spotting you will miss nothing as there is only one runway. No more than 2 days is recommended for AKL, and do not carry ANY food into NZ. I was in trouble for one (1) ounce of honey in a little jar and was fined NZ$400 on arrival..not that this fine will ever be paid.

  • Bailey

    There is no point asking for the same room the video was made from as it doesn’t exist. The video was taken from the window at the end of a floor corridor as described by Chris Mahaffy. Its almost impossible to photograph from the room as there are double glass panes about 2 foot apart that reflect just about everything. The best rooms with a view are probably 1106 or 1105 but not all movements can be seen as the hotel sits perpendicular to the single Runway. No complaints about the hotel at all but do not splash out on a room hoping for a runway view when there is none.

  • andy kelly

    staying at the IBIS BUDGET HOTEL at the moment which is just set back a bit further than the Novotel, I’m on 5th floor room 501, good views of aircraft arriving and departing but you will need SBS or FR24, internet is free if your a accords hotel member, otherwise its $14.95 or about £7.50 for 24 hours. rooms are big and nice and clean and a nice size window to view from, you would be too far back for photos but there is a public viewing area at the end of the runway but you need a car to get there, I spent the day there yesterday and you would get some great shots of aircraft departing. the one problem here is that there are no toilets and no shop to get drinks etc so take them with you. there is a retail park next to the hotel which has got all your usual fast food outlets, macdonalds, KFC, subway etc and theres a big supermarket next door which is open to midnight every day, room ranges are 501-509 and 532-541, these rooms would give more or less the same view.