Plane Spotting Auckland

The Novotel Auckland Airport
Location: *** A great location situated outside of the International passenger terminal
Spotting: *** Superb location with views over the terminal towards the runway. The best views can be taken from rooms on the 9th floor or above  in the range **04 to**07. Rooms ending in 04/05 have views of the domestic terminal, 06-07 give limited views of the International terminal and runway. Outside of the above rooms is a full length glass panel which gives great unlimited views of 90% of the airport and runway. There were no problems from the airport staff with viewing and filming through these windows.

Report Credit Chris Maffey:

The hotel itself is excellent, although not cheap. The best view is from a window at the end of the corridor on the top floor overlooking the airport. This window has somewhat poor glass which tends to distort images…although good images CAN be obtained if you keep the lens perpendicular to the glass as much as you can. For spotting you will miss nothing as there is only one runway. No more than 2 days is recommended for AKL, and do not carry ANY food into NZ. I was in trouble for one (1) ounce of honey in a little jar and was fined NZ$400 on arrival..not that this fine will ever be paid.

Photos: * Difficult from the room as there are two layers of double glass to shoot through.
Value: *** From around £100 a night.
Book: This hotel can be booked through the AGODA or websites who generally offer great deals.
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Great video showing the view from the Novotel Auckland. Note that this video is taken from the large window at the end of the corridor which offers the best opportunity for photography (the double layers of glass in the hotel rooms makes photography impossible)

Credit Aviation NLNZ . Check out the NLNZ youtube page for more great videos.

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