Plane Spotting Baku

Baku Airport Spotting

The Sheraton Baku Airport
Is the only hotel found on Baku Airport. Wireless internet is available at the hotel. Please note that security is extremely tight at this airport.   
Location: Stars Excellent location in the central terminal area.
Spotting: Stars Rooms 641 to 653 (odd numbers) gave views over the Airport. All movements read off from room but stay away from window as spotting not understood. Do not openly spot in any part of the Airport you will be questioned if seen.
Photos: Stars Photos can be taken from the room but it is not allowed to take photos of aircraft. My camera was checked by Airport Security even though it was in my bag and not being used and the card was taken. My laptop was then checked just in case I had downloaded any shots. Do not attempt to take photos outside the hotel. Not a nice place for a spotter
Value: Stars Expensive, prices around £180 a night
Book:   The hotel can be booked on the Expedia Website
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Aircraft photography at Baku from The Sheraton Baku Aiport    
 Above: Typical room view from the Sheraton Baku (double click on photo to enlarge) Report credit: David R    




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