Plane Spotting Barcelona

Barcelona Airport Spotting

The Best Western Hotel Alfa Aeropuerto
Is located just 2.5 miles north-east of this increasingly busy airport. The hotel is connected by a shuttle bus to the airport but there is a small surcharge. The hotel has its own restaurant and bars as well as a swimming pool. There aren’t any actual reports on the quality of this hotel for spotters, but looking at a map it does seem to be fairly close to the threshold of runway 25R. It may be possible to read arrivals off from the hotel on the approach to 25R although any traffic you may read off should be considered a bonus
Location: ** Only 2.5 miles from the airport.
Spotting: ** No reports from this hotel. If spotting from the airport head for the multi-storey car park which offers limited views of the cargo and general aviation areas. From here departures can be read off although it isn’t easy
Photos: *  No reports available on photo opportunities from the hotel.
Value: *** This hotel offers very good value. Prices for a twin room (midweek) start at about £51 and only £43 for a weekend stay.
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Barcelona maps and satnav download : A great site with maps of the spotting locations at Barcelona, along with a downloadable Satnav file for

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  • Bob Kimmings

    Stayed here for five nights and had a room looking towards the airport. The windows open, but planes were too far for my 300mm lens, and there were many wires in the way. Using flightradar24 it was possible to identify all the landers on 25. The best thing was it was only a half hour’s walk to the viewing platform at the threshold of 25 right.

  • Steve Charlton

    Stayed here for two nights, any odd numbered room on the fourth floor will provide partial views of the airfield and all departures to be seen when runways 25R/25L are in use. Aircraft landing on 25 will come into view on short final but can be seen during their roll out on the runway. Similarly all arrival can be seen on 07 and departures disappear behind the hotel shortly after they climb away. However room 401 is the corner room nearest the airport and has windows on two aspects, giving views of aircraft on approach. Additionally there is a doorway to an external fire escape at the end of the corridor which isn’t alarmed and the approach can be monitored from the mezzanine staircase outside. Arrivals on 25R can just about be read off with powerful binoculars but flightradar24 or similar is required for the far departure runway.