Plane Spotting Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Location: *** Connected to the terminal.
Spotting: *** No reports . The terminal area is a 5 minute walk away.
Photos: * None reported
Value: * A higher standard of hotel with prices from £90 a night
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Grand Inn Come Hotel

I’m currently staying in room 541 at the Grand Inn Come Hotel. After  doing a bit of research I decided against the Kriss Residence and  Phoenix hotels for various reasons, one being the quality of these  hotels and two the fact these hotels are only good if they are landing  over the hotel when on the 19′s, so I opted for the Grand Inn Come.

I  was a little apprehensive having read a couple of bad reviews on Trip  Advisor about this hotel but my mind was put to rest when I heard from someone who had recently been and they said the hotel was fine and clean, and I have to say as soon as I opened the curtains in the room  to reveal a full airport and runway view directly in front of me I knew I’d made the right choice, plus they were landing on 01′s! Room 541 is classed as an ‘Airport View/Deluxe’ on the 5th floor.

 The hotel only has 6 floors. The room is spacious and clean but still basic and has a kingsize bed. The room has a very cold fridge which is stocked with beers and soft drinks and are cheap, the room has also has a TV, working deks and chairs etc as well as a kettle with complimentary water and coffee/tea and sugar. The bathroom is clean and has a proper shower rather than a wet room like the other hotels.

The hotel has a restaurant and they also offer room service. Free wireless internet is provided, an ID code is required as well as a password which the front desk gave me at check-in, also included in the rate is breakfast. Well worth paying 
the extra for the views and comfort of a hotel.

There is a Tesco express around 100m across a very busy road, from here provisions can be had for a matter of pennies. Alcohol is sold but note only between 1100 and 1400 on a weekend.

Tip : The hotel shuttle bus operates around once every 45 minutes. Take an airport taxi instead, with the great exchange rate the journey will be very cheap.

Location: ** North side of the airport on the perimeter
Spotting: *** Nearly everything can be identified from the room. Flight tracker required for distant movements and when dark. Rooms 541 and 523 are next to each other and have great views (see Dave Parker’s photos below). All movements will be seen regardless of the runway in use. Note certain inbound’s into Bangkok Don Muang can be seen from the room on clear days as they route virtually overhead at around 9000 feet.
Photos: ** A good zoom is required due to the distance involved and heat haze can be a problem. Clutter such as bushes can also cause problems with getting a clean shot. Good souvenir shots are possible.
Value: *** Excellent value, from around £26 a room per night.

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Plane Spotting Hotel Bangkok Bangkok plane spotters

Bangkok view from Grand Inn Come June 13-3

View from the room with no zoom applied (double click picture to expand)  

A shot using full zoom and a little cropping shows the result possible

Above report and photos are credited to the well travelled Paul Moiser. A good selection of photos from around the world can be found at his

Inbound traffic on the far runway can also be seen from the room, however flight tracking software is required for the majority of tie up’s. Credit Dave Parker


Bangkok view from Grand Inn Come June 13-2 Bangkok view from Grand Inn Come June 13 Bangkok KMile Boeing 727 200F HS-SCK June 13-2
 Another overview from the hotel room  Aircraft tend to rotate as they pass abeam the hotel With a long zoom great results can be had as seen above. All Credit Dave Parker. Check out Dave’s excellent worldwide photos here


Video from an airport facing room at The Grand Inn Come Hotel. Credit Aircraft Spotter, find more great videos at The Aircraft Spotters You Tube Channel.


Pheonix Hotel (Former Queens Gardens)

is situated on short finals to runway 19R at the new Bangkok Airport. The management are very welcoming to plane spotters and have made every effort to make their stay as easy and enjoyable as possible. The reception will even supply you with a print out of the days timetable if requested !

The hotel has a balcony facing the approach. If you state at the time of booking what you are doing they will open the balcony up 24 hours a day so that you can see the busy night movements. As a bonus they have also agreed to allow plane spotters exclusive access to the hotel roof area so that you can have unobstructed views and photos of the arrivals when using this runway along with vies of movements from 19L (you must book directly with the hotel or through their website for this)

The hotel management realises that the hotel has potential to be up there with the likes of the Old Emantina Hotel in Athens and the Sheraton Deira in Dubai.


Location: *** Only 2 miles from the airport terminal and even nearer to the threshold of the landing runway. A airport transfer service is available to the terminal area (£2.50 for the taxi)
Spotting: *** This hotel hopes to become one of the worlds favourite spotter airports. After consulting with the owners of this website they have agreed to open up the roof area of the hotel for exclusive access to plane spotters allowing you to spot and photograph movements in peace !  From the rooftop the approach to the more distant 19L left can be seen, inbounds could be read off with a telescope, or an SBS unit would be useful. Spotters are also supplied with a list of the days due arrivals to help you plan your day.
Photos: *** A 200/400 zoom will catch most inbounds
Value: *** What can you say ! A double room from £15 a night
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The Krissanee Residence
Location: *** Situated on very short final to Runway 19L
Spotting: *** 19 Left arrivals come directly over the hotel on short final. Aircraft on 19R arriving can be read off with a good telescope, although SBS would probably be required to tie all movements off on the far runway.The Hotel offers roof access to spotters and supplies seating, but no power points. Room 406 has reports of views of all 19L/R arrivals. The hotel is very basic but adequate for the job.
Photos: *** A 300 zoom for arrivals on 03L, wideangle for heavies on 03r
Value: *** What can you say ! A double room from £20 a night
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Miracle Hotel Suvarnabhumi Airport
This is a newly reported hotel with a rooftop pool overlooking the airport. Reviews of the hotel are mixed, with various reports of a “stale” old smell throughout the hotel. The hotel has an airport shuttle. The main attraction of this hotel would be the rooftop pool enabling outdoor views of the airport with potential distant photo opportunities.
Location: ** Located in a similar area to The Grand Inn Come Hotel featured above
Spotting: ***

Confirmed views over the airfield from the rooftop pool area. Rooms on the 5th floor are also reported to have runway views. The views are similar to The Grand Inn Come hotel but at a different angle meaning that the the Grand Inn Come would be the better option , although most of the traffic should be seen from here.

The rooftop pool area has good, if slightly distant views however there is no cover. There are tables and chairs up there however you need to stand up to see over the wall across to the airport.

Photos: ** None reported from spotters, however the photos below and position of the hotel indicates that with a long lens some good shots should be possible.
Value: *** Rates from £24 a night for the room. A basic hotel, but with good spotting potential.
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With a good zoom lens closer shots should be possible. This shot is taken from the rooftop pool area. Credit  Tripadvisor  Another angle shows the terminal in the background. Click photo to expand. Credit  Tripadvisor  A nightshot demonstrates how close the airport is. Click photo to expand. Credit  Tripadvisor 


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  • Andy Smith

    More photos from the Grand Inn Come Added

  • Andy Smith

    Another hotel report. Includes photos from the rooftop pool. This one could become a favourite


    Stayed in the grand inn come hotel in january 2013 and 2014 room 541
    great for departure shots off 01L

    • Norman Smith

      Had room 641 at The Grand Inn Come. Only good thing I could say about the room is that the window opened so was good for photography. The room was not the cleanest, walls and door in bathroom had not been cleaned properly, had dirt mark’s everywhere. No hot water to the sink. (You could wash in cold or cold)
      Breakfast is another story, Buffet food, not very warm, not a lot of choice, on day 3 we had no choice of breakfast, was just given sausage (rubbish) two eggs (ok) ham (ok) salad (do not eat as could be washed in tap water), anaemic toast and coffee that took ages to arrive without milk, then had to wait while milk came, (coffee then cold).
      After the Amari, Don Maung it was a let down, and more expensive.

  • Hampton

    Stayed in the Grand Inn Come on the 8th of April to the 15th. The hotel is ideal for spotting from floors 4 to 6, with room endings ’23′ for example 623 the room i stayed in. The room is well equiped for spotting from with air condtioning and powerpoints. The main window opens making taking pictures easy. A decent 10×50 pair of binoculars are ideal for reading all movements on runway 19R and 01L, but a telescope or flighttracking equipment will help. The hotel itself is clean and was managed and staff very well, the restaurant was good and cheap, room was cleaned daily and all the staff are frinedly and welcoming. Much enjoyed my stay would certainly return.

  • Paul Kelly

    Just returned from the grand inn room 641 and nothing was missed. On our return we used the viewing deck for a few hours so i can report that it is now open again. for how long i dont know

  • Kevin Bowey

    We stayed at the Grand Inn come hotel in a twin room 441 the view was just as good as 541 a one bed King.

  • Andy Smith

    Video added from The Grand Inn Come, Bangkok

  • Mark Paulin

    Stayed at the Grand Inn Come recently. Was allocated Room 616 which is a suite on the Top Floor corner. Has views across the whole airfield but also of the approach to 19L 19R. Also on clear days Don Muang movements can be seen. The room has 2 beds.

  • Glenn Knight

    Stayed at the The Pheonix, BKK
    Rooms 3402, 3404, 3406 & 3408 are the best for views over the Airport, seeing both arrivals and departures
    Shuttle leaves the Airport at 30 past the hour and 00 past the hour from hotel, when arriving into BKK go to Level 2, Door 4 by the AOT counter is where you request the shuttle

  • Marco Guler

    I am Just back from Phoenix Hotel Roof Top! Lucky for Me, 19L is closed until Mai2017 for Repairs, Only Take Offs for shorter Range Planes Alowed!! Check out on Phoenis Side the Plane Spotter Package!! Roof Top with Toilets,Shadow Roof,Tables and Chairs! Open 24Hrs.! All the Traffic was Passing for 19R. Best Rooms: 3403-5-7……Balcony facing Aproach 19R. Great Valu,Clean,Secxure!

  • andy kelly

    staying at the grand inn come at the moment in room 523, great views of the airport and nothing should be missed but you will need SBS or FR24 if they landing on the far runway, 3rd time in this hotel and nothing has really changed, yes the rooms need a coat of paint and updating but the view compensates for that, the main item is the beds and linen are clean and maid comes every day to change them, ordering food from your room has stopped now but you can go down to the restaurant and order food and they will bring it up to you, breakfast doesn’t really cater for westeners unless you like chicken chow mein for breakfast. toast and coffee are available and there is another table where a nice lady will fry some eggs for you in the restaurant. the hotel welcomes plane spotters and will do everything to get you a airport view room. rooms to have are 641,623,541,523, there probably other rooms but these are the ones ive stayed in. all in all great value for money and will look forward to returning here.

  • Bob Kimmings

    When you stay at the Phoenix remember to take a bottle opener as the hotel beer is in bottles and the rooms are not equipped with one. Apart from that, a great venue as long as the wind is right, usually February and March.

  • Jackson

    Just stayed at The Phoenix Hotel for 2 nights. Clean and simple little hotel with the grand daddy of all rooftops. it’s bare with just a few benches and tables. Portion of it is covered . Can’t complain, the views of 19R approaches and 01 departures were legendary. Ask for a room facing the airport as one side faces away, unfortunately I got one of these. Spent most of my time on the rooftop anyhow.

    Would like to add that for anyone also interested in getting a closer look. The Skylane bike circuit is a 10minute drive away. Free entry and the bike circuit goes around the entire perimeter of BKK airport. Simple majestic views while riding.

  • andy kelly

    staying in room 623 at the moment, nothing much changed from when I was here a year ago, still great views of the airport, can see all arrivals and departures which ever way there coming in and out. hey have renovated the reception and foyer area and looks more modern, the rooms still look the same, décor a bit dated but im not here to look at the décor, breakfast is still the same, doesn’t really cater for westerners, evening meals in the restaurant are nice and reasonable priced, theres a new shop in reception area where you can get all your drinks and snacks, the seven/eleven shop is still across the road but the road is dangerous, its like trying to cross the M6, 3 lanes of traffic on each side doing 60-70mph and they don’t stop for no one. still enjoy staying here and look forward to staying here again.

    • Bob Kimmings

      If you stay on the same side of the road as the hotel, and walk a bit further than the shop across the road, you will find another convenience store.