Plane Spotting Boston

Hilton Boston Logan Airport
is situated in the centre of the airport complex, near the international terminal, and is connected via a sky bridge. The hotel does offer a shuttle bus if you would rather not walk. Try and get a view facing the airport on a high floor when you book. If you are lucky enough to get this, you will have great views of most of the traffic when they are taxiing and good views of the biz-jet area. A room facing the airport on the 9th floor gives particularly good views. Anyone who wishes to explore downtown Boston can get the complimentary shuttle bus from the hotel to the Metro station. This short ride is useful for spotters as it takes you right past the cargo aprons.
Location: *** Great location. Only a short walk from the terminal or a short shuttle bus ride
Spotting: *** For great views over to the bizz ramps, maintenance and cargo ask for a room facing north looking towards Chelsea. If you want to see the runway action, ask for a room looking towards Winthrop. Looking out in this direction you would need flight tracking software to tie up movements, but you would see the majority of airliners movements. If you want to push the boat out, book an executive room on the top two floors. the extra cost will give you a complementary buffet breakfast, afternoon tea and free soft drinks. Additionally the executive lounge has views out towards the Fedex and Delta aprons-a telescope is also provided!
Photos: **  No reports available. Seems quite likely there will be a chance for photos from these airport facing rooms.
Value: *  Fairly expensive at £100 for a twin room at weekends, but well worth it for the views.

The hotel can be booked through  AGODA or the official Hilton website

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Plane Spotting Boston

Above: Airport view from the Hilton, Boston Airport. Credit Tripadvisor



Hyatt Harborside
Location: *** Great location, only 600m from the threshold of runway 14.
Spotting: *** Request a high level room overlooking the airport (a south easterly view). You will get a view straight down runway 14, as well as over terminal B and a distant view of RW14L, RW14R. Without SBS you are likley to read off around 25% of the traffic from the room, with SBS identification of distant movers you should get around 80% depending on runway configuration. Rooms 1510 is reported to have good views.
Photos: ** Some shots may be possible with a good telephoto lens. For other shots take the glass elevator for panoramic views of the apron ( elevator seen on the right hand side of the hotel below, similar to a control tower)
Value: * Fairly expensive at £100 for a twin room at weekends, but well worth it for the views.
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Boston Plane Spotting Locations

Above, a great view from a Runway facing room at the Hyatt. Credit Tripadvisor


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