Plane Spotting Calgary

Best Western Port O Call 
is located just over 2.5 miles from the terminal building but very close to the threshold of Runway 34, which is the main runway. The hotel is linked with the airport by a free shuttle bus. Ask for a high room facing the airport. From here expect great views of traffic landing on Runway 34 and views of the Rockies as well as the Calgary skyline.
Location: *** Approximately 1/2 mile from the threshold of Runway 34.
Spotting: ** Expect to read off the vast majority of the movements from here on final approach to Runway 34 with no problems. From the hotel balconies you can also read off some of the aircraft on the general aviation ramp depending on the angle that they are parked although lots of stands are out of sight from the hotel. Some of the smaller commuter traffic use the shorter crossing Runway 28 which makes them impossible to get. However, these are few and far between.
Photos: ** Landing traffic will probably be just a bit too far away, although a walk to the perimeter fence will offer great opportunities.
Value: *** Prices start at a typical price of £65 per night for a twin room.
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