Plane Spotting Chicago O’Hare

Hilton O’Hare Airport
One of the top 10 spotting hotels of the world, The Hilton offers great views over Chicago Airport.

Important Note: The hotel request that you inform the front desk when checking in of your intention to watch the planes from your room. This should avoid a visit from security to your room. When spotting from the room you are in full view of the control tower complex and offices and you are likely to be reported to security. If the hotel knows of your intentions any misunderstandings should be avoided.

Location: *** A two minute walk from terminal, the hotel is connected to the terminal building.
Spotting: *** The place to view from at O’Hare ! Ask for an even numbered room on the top floor and you will get a birds eye view of the American Airlines Piers as well as the south side 3 runways and associated taxiways. Reported rooms with these views are 10066, 10050 and 9070.

A report from room 10066 : the view you will get will be of 3 runways, they use 2 to depart and 1 for arrivals, the 4th runway they use for arrivals is at the back of the hotel but most taxi round to depart. To view the back runway leave the room and walk until you find the drink dispensing machine, here you will find a window which overlooks the back of the airport. I don’t think you will get everything its just too busy, you need eyes in the back of your head. the room is very nice as you expect from a Hilton, breakfast is a menu but its extra for the buffet, the restaurant downstairs is nice but its very expensive, expect to pay £100 for a meal for 2, room service is cheaper around £20, all in all its a nice hotel but it isn’t cheap but it gives great views of the airport.

Photos: ** Souvenir shots may be possible from the rooms but the quality is not too good
Value: * Here’s the bad news as a room starts at £91 per night for a weekend stay rising to almost double this midweek.
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 Typical view from a Hilton Room (double click to expand)

Great views from room 9002 at The Hilton

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