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Grand Hyatt DFW
is located adjacent to Terminal D at this very busy airport and is only a short walk from the terminal. The hotel is 8 stories high with rooms on the higher floors having views of the runways and aprons. Try and ask for a room on a high floor facing the airport for the best views. The hotel also has a rooftop swimming pool which may be useful for spotting, but more likely to cool off from the intense Texas heat!! 
Location: ***  Next to terminal D.
Spotting: ** Views of certain runways and aprons are possible but due to the sheer size of this airport it will not be possible to have views of everything. Room 1221 has reported views over the 4 easterly runways, around 80% of the traffic will be seen from this room
Photos: *  No reports available.
Value: *** Excellent value a weekend with a twin room costing approximately £60. The price increases as you would expect for a midweek stay.
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Embassy Suites DFW South
Location: **  Around a mile from the airfield perimeter and 10 minute journey from the terminals
Spotting: **

The following report is from Derek Oldham

I had room 1004 – just about as good as it gets in this hotel.  2 beds in this room and a tiny balcony.  There are 4 rooms facing north towards the airport – 1001 and 1004 are slightly forward of 1002 and 1003 and therefore on the balcony you can see back a little more.  Lower floors have a few more rooms facing north.  On my second visit I had room 804 – there are about nine rooms on this floor facing north.  From the 10th floor you can just see some ground movements but from the 8th you can just see arrivals and departures.  There are multiple runways, but 3 main north/south ones so if they are landing over the hotel they pass at about 1000 ft – some immediately overhead, some off to the left and some to the right.  Similarly if they are taking off towards the south they pass overhead (or abeam) at about 2200 ft.

With a little effort you will be able to identify all movements and also get some of the traffic at Love Field.  Definitely a hotel where you need an SBS, but if you like Embassy Suites as a chain (and I am a fan) then it is ideal.  For those who don’t know, full buffet breakfast included in the price (and you can take it back to your room) and free drinks and nibbles for 2 hours in the evening (and no you can’t leave the bar area with these!)

Photos: *  No reports available.
Value: **  Expect to pay around £70 for a room.
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plane_spotting_dallas plane_spotting_dallas_embassey_suites plane_spotting_dallas_hotels
 Near runway standard lens shot  Credit Derek Oldham  Far runway arrivals with 300 zoom

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