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Eva Senses Hotel                                         Update 2019

The Eva Senses in found in Faro town which is located under the approach or climb out to Faro Airport at about 1 mile. Faro also has the advantage of been under a busy airway network enabling lots of mainly charter flights to be seen over the top.

The hotel is also suitable for couples being located in a nice, scenic area of town. 

A Marina View room allows either arrivals or departures to be seen (depending on the wind direction) all from the comfort of your balcony.

There is a swimming pool and bar area on the 5th floor where you can see the runway and part of the apron. The majority of bizz jets can be read off in the early morning/late afternoon when the heat haze isnt too bad. You also have the option of breakfast on the 5th floor which enables a nice relaxing start to the day whilst seeing the first few movements into the airport.

A further report is shown below:

Having just returned from Faro for a great spotting trip I would suggest that you add the Hotel Eva to your list.Though in the city centre and as such a 15 min drive from the hotel, the hotel is indeed a spotter hotel as it is right on the flight path for runway 28 and from the rooms facing the harbor (supplement when booking) one can get excellent shots of approaching jets with 400-500mm lenses. Rooms on top floor eg 401-414 are excellent. As is the views from the hotel pool on the roof. (adjacent to bar).  Credit Jens Laursen Schmidt



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