Plane Spotting Guangzhou

The Pullman Hotel
Location: ***

Perfect location across the road from the terminal and between the two parallel runways. Only a 2 minute walk to the terminal.

Tip 1 : Take a return taxi down to the Civil Aviation School and ask the driver to wait. Walk the fence and through the tress you will find the three stored Tridents. 

Spotting: ***

Any even room between numbers ending in 06-32 on the 6th or 7th floor (club rooms) will give a view of the runways and taxiway. Plenty of movements should be readable with a good pair of binoculars, however SBS is vital to get everything. Priority check in is available for the club rooms on the 6th floor which saves waiting in the the sometimes long queue’s at reception.

Club and Executive rooms are excellent value with 2 hours of free food and drink in the evening, combined the a good size breakfast in the morning. The bonus is that you get access to executive check in at the lounge on the 6th floor. The access staff generally speak better English than on the ground floor reception and tend to be able to allocate you the requested room numbers if available.

If traffic is landing from behind you many will turn off early and not be seen, however all departures can be seen as they climb out. The hotels triple glazing can cause problems with SBS reception, however by moving the Ariel around the room (possibly back into the middle of the room) you will eventually find a signal.

If you walk out of the hotel (facing the terminal) you get a view of both runways from the hotel forecourt (shown in the photo below), most movements can be read off from this position.

Room 3006 (a twin bed executive room) has reported excellent views. From this room (and any in the 3601-3607 range) you will see all departures regardless of runway, all arrivals landing towards you and the majority of aircraft landing behind you. Subject to weather, any Shenzhen inbounds can also be seen from this room routing over the top of Guangzhou at around 10000 feet. 

Movements are very busy until after midnight. Departures begin around 0715 so its best to get an early breakfast prior to the outbound rush. Along with China Southern, Shenzhen Airlines also have a large presence here. 

Photos: ** None reported from the actual rooms although there is a chance that this may be possible. Photo opportunities exist at each end of the terminal building. The locals congregate in these areas to watch the planes. It is only a 5 minute walk from the Pullman to each side of the terminal.
Value: ** From around £76 per room per night
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Plane Spotting Guangzhou

 Above: Great view from Room 1728 (right hand view) at The Pullman Guangzhou. Credit Carl Griffiths.

Guangzhou spotting hotel

Above: View from the same room but this time looking left at the Pullman. Carl Griffiths



Southern Airlines Pearl Hotel
Location: ** Located to the south of the terminal complex, south a the link taxiway which joins the parallel runways
Spotting: **

Generally regarded as not as good for spotting as the Pullman above. There have however, been isolated reports of roof access granted to view proceedings. This seems to be very hit and miss, but if roof access is granted you will not miss a lot. Certain rooms have reported views (eg 4019,5019), however SBS is required to ties everything up, depending on the runway direction at the time.

Report 2. A north facing room on a high level should be able to get you all of the movements although traffic is further away than the Pullman Hotel above. Rooms 5009-5019 odd, 5022,5023,5025 and 5027 should all give good views. Food is excellent here with large buffets at both Breakfast and evening Dinner.

Photos: ** Photos not great due to ground clutter, however the hotel is a 5 minute walk away from one of the main photography areas used by the locals looking over the link taxiway
Value: *** Good value from around £50 per room per night
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