Plane Spotting Vietnam Ho Chi Minh

 The Vissai Hotel (Formally Star City Saigon) Last Update Jan 2020

The Vissai Hotel is situated to the South East of the airport. A report from our well travelled correspondent Paul Moiser is shown below. There is also additional information of further viewing facilities nearby as well as how to obtain your visa.

I came across a few hotels which were just over a mile from the airport, and I emailed everyone of them asking if the airport could be seen from their higher floor rooms, and all the hotels replied back saying the airport could not be seen due to the hotel not facing that direction etc apart from one hotel which did reply back with a very positive response being the Star City Saigon Hotel basically saying I have been up to the highest floor and had a look for you and can confirm you can see the planes taking off, but not from the runway.

After I got my passport stamped and after collecting my luggage I was greeted by a very nice Vietnamese lady holding a board with my name on it. She took me to my driver who was waiting for me to take me to the  hotel. At check-in I was given the promised upgrade to the executive floor in room 1120 on the 11th floor. From the room you have an amazing view of the busy business district below as well as downtown. Also in view is the airport control tower and I only had to wait less than 2 minutes before I could see a plane taking off and much to my surprise part of the runway and taxiway could also be seen so I knew I had made the right choice in the end. As the distance looking out towards the airport is just over a mile away, the traffic is a little too far away to actually read off easily, so if you plan on staying here you will need your SBS. Between the hotel and the airport there are numerous buildings in the way, however you can clearly see the control tower, and part of the runway and taxiway in between the buildings so if your happy using your SBS you can easily make out all the traffic once landed or on departure. Included in the room rate is free breakfast and free wireless internet.

This hotel can be booked through AGODA or  If the price is good please book through the links supplied as the small commission received helps us maintain the site.

**Update Office Construction work was taking place near to the hotel in 2018 which may obscure views, any updates would be appreciated

Below : View from room 1120 of The Vissai Hotel. Credit Paul Moiser-see more pictures from his worldwide trips here

Plane Spotting Vietnam


The Ibis Saigon Airport Last Update Jan 2020

 Is a relatively new airport hotel from which we are receiving great reports. 

The hotel has a rooftop pool with views over to the runway which is ideal for chilling out whilst watching the action. You have a great view over the terminal building and all line ups, and landing can be seen when 25 L/R are in use. You wont miss any traffic . 100-400 will do for photographs. Good light from the morning until afternoon in winter time. Many rooms have views similar to those from the pool, ask for an airport facing room on reservation or check in. The hotel has a free shuttle bus from the airport. Reservations can be made through 

The hotel rooms are available from around 50 Uk pounds per night.can be booked through any of the following link AGODA  If the price is good please show your appreciation and book through these links  as the small commission received helps us maintain the site.

Below: View from the pool area at the Ibis. High level rooms will also have the same views.




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