Plane Spotting Kuala Lumpur

Sama Sama Hotel (formally Pan Pacific)
Hotel Description   
Location: *** Perfect location linked to the international terminal by walkway ensuring that the excellent viewing deck is only 10 minutes away
Spotting: ***

Ask for a room on the 6th floor or above facing the airport to get views as seen in the photo below. Not a lot will be missed from these rooms. The best two rooms are 609 and 709. These are corener rooms with good views over both one of the taxiways and also the airport itself.

Other rooms with views of one of the runways (usually used for departures) are 601-609, 701-709, 659-666 and 759-766.

It is believed that the 8th floor is a crewing floor at this hotel and the 9th floor is the more expensive club floor. The club rooms offer free breakfast, free soft drinks and access to the club lounge. Any rooms on th 9th floor in the range of 901-909 and 959-966 should work.

From the above rooms most aircraft can be read off in daylight with a good set of binoculars. The rooms have free wifi so with flight tracking software all movements should be seen and tied up as thy either arrive or depart.

Photos: ** A large zoom required to get shots as shown below. The viewing deck on the terminal is only a short walk away, good quality shots can be taken from here.
Value: **  From around £90 per room per night

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Plane Spotting Kuala Lumpur

Above. View from room 862 of the Pan Pacific Hotel. If using this runway all departures can be seen from this hotel (400 lens required)

Credit Paul Moiser


Tune Airport Hotel KLIA Terminal 2
Views are not as good as the Sama Sama above, however this hotel is a cheaper alternate for those on a budget. The hotel offers free wifi for up to 2 devices.
Location: ** Located over the road from the terminal 2 location.
Spotting: **

No rooms offer views of aircraft on the ground due to the different high buildings and terminal obstructing the views.

Certain 5th floor rooms do give views of arriving aircraft on the two westerly runways down to around a 1 mile final. Departures can also be seen off the new westerly runway and 32L but 32R is out of view. Flight tracking software is required to tie up any of these flights due the distance involved. The runways visible mean that most Air Asia flights can be seen from here, however it is down to luck with the other operators.

The following rooms should have views 556/557/558/560/562/564 with 556 reported as the best

Photos: * No reports but unlikely due to the distance from the aircraft.
Value: *** Excellent value from around £30 a night


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A list of other hotels in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur Airport can be found here

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  • Bailey

    Dirty windows and heat haze make shooting from the Sama Sama Hotel quite a challenge. Go out cross the road climb up the mound and walk through the trees to beside the Runway. Nice view but hot, mosquitoes and heat haze.

  • Darryn

    Anyone know the currant situation reguarding the viewing area at KL

  • Brad

    Tune hotel KLIA2 should be added to the list, if 14′s are in use all 14L arrivals can be seen from a balcony seconds walk from hotel rooms, I believe some rooms have good views over runway 13 and all air Asia ect movements can be seen (arrivals and departures). I stayed there 3 weeks ago.

  • andy kelly

    staying at the SAMA SAMA HOTEL at the moment in room 706, from this room you can only see 1 runway, to see both runways and all departures and arrivals you need to go to the viewing area in the main terminal, theres a walkway going from the hotel to the terminal viewing area and takes about 10-15 mins walk, you will need SBS or FR24 to get everything from the viewing area, you can connect to the airport internet for free, first time in this hotel and I’m impressed, the rooms are big and equipped with almost everything you need and very clean. plenty of power points to charge your iphones, laptops etc. not eaten here because you pass plenty of eating places on the way to the viewing area, macdonalds, KFC are all on the way. also shops where you can pick up your snacks and drinks for the day. all in all would definitely stay here again.