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Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives by Shangri-La   Previously Traders Hotel Updated April 2020
Is a luxury hotel situated across the water from the Airport. The hotel has free internet. The facilities are great for the family including a rooftop bar (where you can view the airport from), sundeck, infinity pool and fitness centre. The hotel is ideal for a stopover before, or the night prior to your long haul flight.
Location: * Situated quite a way from the airport.
Spotting: ** Reasonable views from the hotel out towards the airport. Any room on floor 9 upwards ending in 03-07 look directly out to the airport (note these are double rooms only). Rooms ending in 02 have two single beds and look out over the approach. Views of the airport are also available from the rooftop bar area. Note that these room numbers were noted whilst this was a Traders hotel, we assume that they remain the same under the new brand but await confirmation.
Photos: * A very long lens would be required from the rooftop area. There is a beach around a 5-10 minute walk from the hotel which offers closer views and photo opportunities (follow your nose out of the hotel towards the aircraft.)
Value: * Expensive at around £180 a night.

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Above: View from the roof top of The Traders Hotel giving a general overview of the area



Hulhule Island Hotel Male
Is a luxury hotel situated on the small island where the airport is located.
Location: ** Only a 5 minute drive from the aiport
Spotting: ** No reports of views from the room. The hotel has a rooftop sundeck and restaurant which have fantastic views of the airport and seaplane base.
Photos: * No reports
Value: * Expensive at around £205 a night.

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The Maldives is also featured as an inclusive tour on the Thomson Holidays website

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