Plane Spotting Larnaca

Flamingo Beach Hotel
is situated on the Mackenzie Beach, Larnaca on the runway 22 approach. There are no reports of rooms having a view of the approach, however the hotels has a rooftop pool and bar with great views of the approach and airport.
Location: *** On the approach and beach. Also ideal for a family holiday.
Spotting: *** Most aircraft can be read off from the roof pool area . The airport perimeter fence is only a 10 minute walk away with views of the apron parking area.
Photos: *** Excellent landing shots from the beach area with only a standard lens. Afternoon sun conditions favourable for photography.
Value: ** Prices from £60 per room.
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Cyprus Airport Spotting Plane spotting McKenzie Beach
Cyprus plane spotting
A great shot taken from the Flamingo Beach Hotel rooftop pool area demonstrates the location of this great family hotel.

Credit: Thomas Posch Vienna Aviation Photography

To view the great photograph collection from Thomas click here

A short stroll onto McKenzie beach itself gives you shots like above. Credit Pawel Jakubowski at With a small zoom you get fantastic shots like this from the beach area in front of the Hotel. Credit Pawel Jakubowski at

Sea And Lake Apartments
situated inland of the Flamingo Beach hotel. The hotel has it’s own bar and pool area and is ideal for family’s.
Location: ** Offset from the approach but still close by. Also ideal for a family holiday
Spotting: *** Ask for a room in the new block facing the airport and you will get good views towards the airport. Reports also indicate that the manager allows rooftop access of the new block for even better views. Room 231 is now confirmed to be the best room for views at these apartments. From this room you can see all of the way down the approach to touchdown. You can also see traffic lining up on runway 22 threshold so little will be missed. Traffic can be read off through binoculars. Room 232 would also offer views of the approach but not the actual runway.
Photos: ** Great landing shots can be taken from room 231 with between a 200-300 lens. By the afternoon the sun is behind you giving great opportunities. The excellent McKenzie beach is only a 5 minute walk away for further photo opportunities. It is around a 20 minute walk to the airport perimeter fence. Trip report credit J.Bates.
Value: ** Prices from £60 per room.
Book: Hotel Only can be booked through AGODA
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Above and below : Great landing shots can be taken from the Sea And Lake Apartments. These shots are from room 231. Credit: J.Bates.



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