Plane Spotting Liege

The Park Inn Liege Airport
Situated abeam the terminal at Liege Airport this is an ideal base to use if night stopping to watch the TNT hub in action. Included in the hotel price is an excellent all you can eat buffet breakfast serving from 0630.   
Location: *** Next to terminal area.
Spotting: *** Ask for a room on the 3rd floor or above overlooking the airport.These rooms will give views of the ramp and taxiway to the end of the runway
Photos: ** Medium quality possible through the hotel windows. Only a short walk from the terminal and other possible vantage points
Value: ** Around £80-£90 a night
Book:   The hotel can be booked through any of the following links AGODA
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Aircraft photography Liege Image 2 (300px) Image 3 (300px)
Typical shot from an airport facing room at the Park Inn    




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