Plane Spotting Mumbai

Orchid Hotel Mumbai Airport
is very ideally located at this increasingly busy and varied airport. The hotel has a large rooftop terrace complete with swimming pool, restaurant and a bar. The rooftop is essentially open nearly 24 hours and overlooks the majority of the airport. From here expect to read off all aircraft as they taxi as well as identifying a lot of aircraft as they parked at the terminal. Even when it is dark you can still expect to read off about 90% of the movements due to the apron floodlights. Reports suggest that before travelling that it is worth advising the hotel of your intentions to watch and maybe photo aircraft to avoid any difficulties.   
Location: *** Very close to the airport and all the movements
Spotting: ***
With the excellent rooftop terrace you won’t be disappointed. Rooms 415-428 should give partial views of the international terminal and main runway, with the use of SBS most movements can be seen from these rooms. Of course without the use of SBS the hotel roof terrace is an option, during day time most movements can be read off from here. Power points are located on the roof which allows the SBS to be plugged in (discretion advised)
Photos: ** Good photos are possible although the smog can cause problems. Latest reports indicate that the hotel management have now been instructed to ask people not to take photos from the rooftop area.
Value: ** Not particularly cheap at about £79 for a twin room per night. However, bearing in mind all the above, and the fact that there is nowhere at all in the terminal building to spot from, this hotel is worth every penny!
Book:   The hotel can be booked through the following sites :  AGODA 
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  • Marco Guler

    India Plane Spotter Up-Date! I Plan to Visit Mumbai & Orchid Hotel! I contacted Orchid Hotel Management to make the Facts Clear!

    This Link: # 5.! Says Clearly since:Friday, December 23, 2016

    Removal of Restrictions on Photography: Hitherto, air passengers in India faced restrictions on photography at terminal buildings of aerodromes and from inside an aircraft. These restrictions have now been removed. Photography by passengers of scheduled flights in terminal buildings of civil aerodromes and civil enclaves of Defence aerodromes is now allowed. Passengers are now also permitted to take photographs from inside an aircraft while in flight or landing/take off at civil aerodromes. However, photography from inside an aircraft is not permitted at Defence aerodromes

    Lets see how the Hotel React to This Facts!!

    Regards,Marco Guler.