Plane Spotting Osaka Kansai

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport
is across the road from the terminal building at Kansai making it an easy walk to catch the bus to the excellent viewing area at the end of the runway. Free unlimited WIFI is provided in each room. The hotel has an expensive buffet lunch or you can eat in the numerous outlets in the terminal which is only a short walk away.
Location: *** As close to the airport as you will get.
Spotting: ** Twin rooms 10050, 10056 and 10058 on the 10th floor have confirmed views of certain terminal 1 cul de sac stands and one of the runway 24L/06R. When 24L is in use you can briefly see the aircraft lining up for departure and then once airborne on climb out-this is the departure runway in this configuration (see video below). If landing the other way you can see the arrivals touchdown on Runway 06R before disappearing out of view.

The other Runway is not visible from the room and is mainly used for arrivals but this isn’t a great problem as most aircraft taxi around in view of the room. The only airline that you wont see after arrival is Peach as they have their own terminal, you need to wait for them to depart off the runway in front of you.

It appears that odd numbered rooms (ocean view) may face the arrival runway rather than the departure runway, report from Andy Kelly below:

Staying at the hotel Nikko at the moment in room 10069 on the 10th floor in an ocean view room. This hotel sits in between the 2 runways at the north end, its on terminal 1 and there is a skywalk from the terminal building to the hotel. One side of the hotel views the arrivals and the other views departures. I am over looking the arrivals, I can see all arrivals but you will need sbs or FR24. The hotel itself is very nice and clean, breakfast buffet is a little expensive at around £25 but there is a burger king just outside the hotel and other shops and restaurants a 5 minute walk away. If you don’t want to sit in the hotel all day there is a viewing hall at the end of the runway, there is a free bus that will take you there and back.

Photos: *
No reports from the hotel, however a short walk to the airport bus station will allow you to catch the bus to the excellent spectators area where great shots can be taken.
Value: * Prices from £100 a room a night.
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