Plane Spotting New York JFK

Hilton New York JFK (Formally Holiday Inn)
Location: ** A 2 mile journey to the central terminal area by shuttle bus. An extra bonus of this hotel is the airport shuttle bus will also take you to La Guardia, check with the hotel for times. On a clear day traffic flying from Philidelphia and Washington can be seen clearly overflying the hotel at high level for those with a SBS.
Spotting: ** Good, but sometimes distant views from the hotel. A good telescope will give you more of a chance to read aircraft off although ACARS/SBS would make things a lot easier! Ask for an airport facing room as high as possible. Room 1228 gives good views, photos shown below. With the use of SBS our correspondent identifies every aircraft during the day. If you are in a group we recommend that one of the groups book a room facing away from the airport. From these rooms distant views of arrivals can be seen into La Guardia Airport.
Photos: ** Souvenir shots can be taken from the hotel as shown below.
Value: * Expensive at around £175 a night

This hotel is available through the sites of The Hilton  Hotel or  AGODA who can occasionally offer better deals.

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Above, the views from room 1228, Holiday Inn JFK. Credit Andy Whitmore


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  • Colin irvin

    I have just returned from JFK this hotel.I asked for and had room 1228. There is either an error or they have changed room bombers.Room 1228 does not look over the airport it overlooks the beltway and local housing estate. I moved to room 1205 which overlooks most of the airfield looking out from Jamaica. During the day Tam and Lan park up right in front of room and good views over to AA maintenance.A good telescope will be required to read numbers.From the room you can see over to T7 (ba) .Useless for decent photos without a decent lense (400mm) and then it’s through glass.With iPhone/pad and app such as flight radar 24 you can get the numbers and if you have live net ap as well you can hear act without carrying scannerHope this helps.