Plane Spotting Paris Orly

Ibis Hotel
is just a 5 minute walk from the terminal buildings. When booking try and ask for one of the following room numbers, 456 / 452 / 438 / 434. From room 452 there are reports of excellent views of departing aircraft, depending on the runway in use. Even at night, aircraft could still be read off without too much difficulty.
Location: *** Great location being so close to the terminal.
Spotting: *** With views of the departure runway from the rooms mentioned above, spotting is easy
Photos: * No reports of photo opportunities from the hotel. However, only a 5 minute walk to the recently reopened spectators terrace.
Value: *** Prices vary, but a typical price would be in the range of £45 to £50. Breakfast can be bought for a small supplement.
Book:   This hotel can be booked HERE
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Hilton Paris Orly
is found near the Orly Ouest terminal. A free shuttle bus links the hotel with the airport. The bus runs every 15 minutes between 6am and midnight.  If you get a room at the front of the hotel you will only have views of literally one or two aircraft parked at the South Terminal. However, a room at the back of the hotel will give you views of aircraft parked at the Ouest terminal as well as everything that taxies out for departure on runway 25.
Location: *** Very close to the Ouest (West) terminal and linked by a free shuttle bus.
Spotting: ** Depend whether you get the front or the back of the hotel. Ask for the back of the hotel for the best results.
Photos: *  No reports available.
Value: * Not cheap. A twin room at a weekend is over £100
Book:   To check availability book direct with Hilton 
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  • Dicky Bird

    Views from the Ibis mare now very poor, new building and higher trees, Good hotel. Go to Sud Terminal 5 minutes walk.Top floor vieing area is good but NO shade but with Wifi. West Terminal roof viewing is closed but from inside most can be see.Wifi Available. Use airport Shuttle for Ibis and both Terminals not charge. I was here 14-16 July 2014

  • Tony Wright

    I’m in the Ibis as i write this – room 435 – facing south. Great view of arrivals, although it appears they are in the early stages of constructing a new building which will likely interfere with the view. Departures on the west-terminal side can be seen, but only when the aircraft is at 2000ft (ish) and hasn’t made an immediate right turn. The windows open fully (at least in my room it does). Wifi is free. You want room 435,439,443,447,451,455,459,463 or 467 to have a similar view to what I have. Closer to 467 is more convenient as there is a window at the end of the hall that allows you to see West terminal action much better. My room (435) is designated smoking and has one large bed. Food is expensive in the hotel – try and stock up at a local supermarket if possible.