Plane Spotting Seattle Paine Field Everett

Hilton Garden Inn/Seattle North/Everett
Is superbly located on the perimeter of Paine Field, more or less next door to the Boeing tour centre.
Location: *** In an excellent position overlooking the threshold of Runway 16R and part of the Boeing ramp containing numerous Dreamliners. 
Spotting: ***

Any runway movements will be seen from an odd numbered room looking out towards the airport. A car is essential to drive around the perimeter as there are lots of aprons not visible from the hotel, although one large apron full of dreamliners is visible across the runway.

The Boeing tour centre is literally next door to this hotel making it an ideal base for a tour of Paine Field. Boeing tours can be booked here

Photos: *** Runway movements should be possible from the hotel room. The car park also overlooks the runway so anything landing this way should give excellent photo opportunities, especially in the afternoon.
Value: ** Rtaes begin at around £53 a night for a weekend stay

This hotel can be booked directly with Hilton or through the AGODA website who occasionally offer better deals

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Photos of Hilton Garden Inn Seattle North / Everett, Mukilteo Photos of Hilton Garden Inn Seattle North / Everett, Mukilteo Photos of Hilton Garden Inn Seattle North / Everett, Mukilteo
 Great threshold views from the Hilton Night time shot of the vast expanse of aprons(click on picture to expand)  Photos credit : 


A high level room overlooking the airport will give you this fabulous view over the runway and flightline. Credit Honolulu Dreamer Check out the Honolulu Dreamer youtube site for other great aviation videos.

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