Plane Spotting Skiathos

Emy Hotel
Ideal for a family retreat, this small hotel is located around a 10 minute walk from the famous Runway 02 threshold where amazing landing shots can be had. The hotel offers bar and pub, free wifi in public areas and an outdoor pool with superb views of the bay. This hotel is ideal for both families, couples and a great base for aviation photographers.
Location: * Around a 10-15 minute scenic walk around to the threshold. Laze in the sun by the pool and simply check when the flights are due and make your way around to the threshold for those excellent shots.
Spotting: * No views from the hotel have been reported, however the main spotting area (point 1 on the map here) is only a 10 minute walk away. This hotel is reported to be the closest hotel to the above photo point. Some pictures on the booking websites appear to indicate that the runway and approach can be seen across the bay from the pool area, however actual reports are unconfirmed.
Photos: ** Although no photos are reported from the hotel, this place gets 2 stars for the absolutely superb views available from the threshold only a 10 minute walk from here.
Value: *** Great value at around £45 with breakfast included.
Book:   this hotel can be be through and AGODA  

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Bring your wide angled lens and get great shots like this, just a 10 minute walk from the Emy Hotel

 This spot must be Europe’s equivalent of St Maarten. All photos credit Tis Mayer at

Great close ups can be had of departing traffic as thy approach the runway threshold.


Above : A different view of the approach to Runway 02 demonstrates how close to the action you get.


Villa Spartias Hotel
Is a small, 16 room hotel situated at the other side of the runway very close to the Xanemos beach area. The hotel has an outdoor pool, is only a short walk from the beach and has wifi available in public areas.
Location: * 5 minute walk from the Xanemos beach area described on location 5 on this site. The advantage of this hotel is that you are literally on the beach so is ideal for families. The hotel offers bike hire which enables access to all the photo spots found around the airport.
Spotting: *

No reports from the hotel itself. With flight tracking software, or an airport timetable you can ensure that you are on the beach area to see the flights depart. Occasionally, if you are lucky, an arrival may use this runway giving excellent photo opportunities as shown on the following link

Photo: Approaching over the beach

Photos: * None from the hotel but there are possibilities from the beach area as shown below.
Value: *** Great value at around £45 with breakfast included.
Book:   this hotel can be be through and AGODA
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Most hotels in Skiathos town are only a 20-30 minute walk from the famous runway threshold. This link will take you to a map of the area with a wide selection of hotels to choose from.


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