Plane Spotting Dubai World Central

Jebal Ali Golf Resort (also known as The Palm Tree Court)

Is a top class, luxury resort in the resort of Jebel Ali, south of Dubai Airport. Resort facilities include swimming pools, water sports, clay pigeon shooting, pistol shooting and spa. The resort is available fully inclusive which offers the best value for meals and drinks. As there are no airport hotels yet in the vicinity of this large new airport, for the moment the Jebel Ali Golf resort will offer the best views of traffic as it is located on the final approach at around 6 miles.

This hotel is likely to be used as a holiday destination, rather than a dedicated spotting hotel, however it’s location does allow for the majority of traffic into Dubai World Central Airport to be seen either on the way in, or out.

One of the Seawings Cessna 208 float planes is usually found operating from The Jebal Ali Marina area next to the resort

Location: * On around a 6 mile final/climb out from Dubai World Central Airport, dependant on the wind direction. Inbounds pass abeam the hotel at around 2000 feet, outbounds are generally 3000-5000 feet. 
Spotting: * Flight tracking equipment required to tie up traffic as it is too distant to read off. As a bonus some southbound movements from the main Dubai Airport will overfly the resort at around 10000-15000 feet as well as north bound traffic off Abu Dhabi at around 20,000 to 25,000 feet. An airway passes over the hotel for high level traffic (not particularly busy but around 5-10 movements an hour)
Photos: * Too distant for any quality shots
Value: * Expensive with prices from around £114 per night bed and breakfast but an excellent resort to stay at for that special occasion. Eith thanks to Derek Smith for the report

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klm Seawings_jebel ali Plane spotting DWC
This outbound KLM 747 was pictured from the bar area of the resort with a 85mm lens. Derek Smith The Seawings C208 can be found at the marina located next door to the resort. Derek Smith  Overview of the hotel




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