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Jumbo Stay Hotel Stockholm Arlanda
Not only do you have the opportunity to sleep in a real Boeing 747, the aircraft also offers quite good views of part of Arlanda Airport. The accommodation is classed as hostel type as obviously you are missing some of the luxuries of the larger brand hotels. A few rooms have private toilet and shower but the majority do not and there is shared facilities in part of the aircraft. The luxury suite in the cockpit of the aircraft gives good views over the airport.
Location: *** On the Eastern perimeter of Stockholm Airport overlooking the main cargo area of the airport. This “hotel” therefore offers a great night stopping opportunity to view the night time freight operations.
Spotting: ** Any aircraft which operate from this particular freight apron should be seen (DHL, Fedex,UPS,Westair). Certain rooms have a mesh covering over the windows meaning that aircraft need tying up on a flight tracker as it is impossible to read them off. Rooms 741,743,745 and 748 do offer better unobstructed views. If expense is not a problem take the “luxury” cockpit room which also has its own viewing terrace attached for the ultimate spotting experience.
Photos: * No reports however the balcony connected to the cockpit may give good opportunities.
Value: *** Great value ranging starting from £42 to over £300 from the cockpit room
Book: This hotel can be booked on the  AGODA 

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Photos of Jumbo Stay, Stockholm Photos of Jumbo Stay, Stockholm
 Great views from the cockpit room….  with your private spotting balcony  All photos Credit

Radisson SAS Skycity Hotel
is very ideally located on the top of the terminal building between terminals 4 and 5..The hotel is crescent shaped and reports suggest that you need a room on the top floor at either end of the hotel for the best views. From here you should see runway 01L / 19R.  The hotel has its own bar and restaurant but one suspects that cheaper food will be available in the terminal building. For anyone who wishes to venture to a good spot for photos, then take the number 23 bus from outside terminal 5. Ask for “Bana 3” which is a purpose built spotters shelter. The bus will drop you off 100m from the shelter. From here you will get good pictures of aircraft using 01R / 19L and extremely good pictures of aircraft on taxiway W which links runway 01R / 19L with runway 08 /26.
Location: *** On top of terminals 4 and 5, so very close to the action.
Spotting: *** Views of runway 01L / 19R from the hotel.
Photos: ** No reports of pictures from the hotel so head for the spotters shelter.
Value: * Quite expensive. Prices at weekends for a twin room are typically £85 rising to about £120 during the week.
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Ibis Arlanda Airport
is just a short 10 minute bus journey from the terminal. The shuttle bus is free of charge. If you ask for a room facing the airport you will have a distant view of traffic landing on runway 19R and a nearer view of traffic on runway 19L. Limited views of some of the remote aprons are also possible, although the aircraft tend to park nose on. Anyone who has ACARS on their laptop will find this particularly useful as most traffic is too far away to read off. The “Bana 3” shelter is not too far away although it may be easier to get there from the terminal. (See the Radisson SAS SkyCity Hotel entry for details on how to get to the shelter).
Location: ** Good views of the airport.
Spotting: ** The vast majority of aircraft are too far away from the hotel to be read off. Thankfully the terminal buildings are only 10 minutes away by using the shuttle bus.
Photos: * Not possible from the hotel. Try the “Bana 3” spotters shelter for great photos.
Value: *** For Swedish standards this hotel offers exceptional value. Prices for a twin room start at £53 at weekends and rise to approximately £65 during the week depending on what time of year you visit.
Book: This hotel can be booked on the ACCOR HOTELS website
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