Plane Spotting Stockholm Bromma

Mornington Hotel Bromma
offers spotters the chance to night stop at this intriguing airport. Whilst not a particularly busy airport, a night stop here will allow you to see up to 6 Malmo Aviation BA146’s and several other Swedish commuters which will never be seen at the busier Arlanda Airport.  The hotel is situated just under one mile from the airport, roughly underneath the climb out of Bromma’s only runway. Fifty metres from the hotel is the Arlanda Shuttle bus stop, making it very easy to combine the two airports. Allow approximately one hour to get from one airport to the other depending on the time of day.
Location: ** Good location for getting to Bromma as well as handily placed for getting to Arlanda via the Arlanda Shuttle bus.
Spotting: ** No actual reports from this hotel. Every chance of seeing traffic depart from the hotel due to its proximity with the runway
Photos: *
No reports offered. After the walk to Bromma there is good opportunity for photos from an area to the left of the terminal.
Value: *** Great value at weekends. Prices start at about £41 for a twin room which includes a complimentary breakfast.
Book:   Prices can be found through the website (click on the logo and search for Bromma)
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