Plane Spotting Tijuana

Holiday Inn Express San Diego Otey Mesa
Is actually situated in the USA in the area of Otey, around 5 miles South East of San Diego. Its main attraction is that it has views of the approach into the relatively busy Tijuana Airport in Mexico, which is the base for around 10 of the Volaris A320 fleet as well as a number of bizz jets. This means that if in the area you can do some Mexican spotting without actually needing to cross the border.
Location: * Situated just to the North of the Mexican border which looks down over the city of Tijuana, Mexico. The Tijuana Airport is around 2 miles away from the hotel.
Spotting: * Ask for a room looking out towards Mexico. Traffic can be seen approaching Runway 27, from around a 4 mile final until 100 feet before touchdown. SBS or one of the flight tracking websites is required to tie the traffic up. All is not lost, if you do not get an airport facing room there are reports that the hotel car park also has views towards the airport.
Photos: * Not possible due to the distance
Value: ** Great value at around £50

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 Above : Zoom out on the map to see the location of the hotel to Tijuana Airport.


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