Plane Spotting San Antonio

Plane Spotting San Antonio

Courtyard By Marriott
Location: ** Situated around 1 mile from touchdown and parallel to the approach or departure path
Spotting: ** You need an odd-numbered room 401 up to 423. Aircraft pass very close – many can be read off without optics.  An SBS will allow all movements to be identified.  There are limited views of the airfield.  Do not ask for a room facing the airport all you will see is part of the terminal or a very large tree!  Very limited food in the evening, but a McDonalds right next door
Photos: * No reports
Value: ** Around £95 a night
Book: This hotel can be booked through website.

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Plane spotting San Antonio


Above : Great shots can be had of the approach from the hotel


Above : If departing over the hotel a slightly longer zoom is required.

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