Plane Spotting Tokyo Narita

Narita Tobu Hotel                                  Last Update 2018

is situated in the general vicinity to the Marroad Road Hotel below but is more central between the two terminal complexes offering a greater overall view. Note, the rooms with views are all twin rooms, you need to book a twin room even if you travel alone in order to get the best views.

Pros of this hotel are that the majority of movements can be seen, the cons are that movements can be distant and flight tracking is required for tie ups.

Location: ** On the outskirts of the terminal complex between the parallel runways this hotel gives a good view of half of the airport complex. With a SBS and a little walking the majority of the traffic can be seen. A regular shuttle bus links the hotel to the terminals and their associated viewing decks.
Spotting: **

Ask for a high level room overlooking the airport, the hotel staff are generally used to this request and will oblige where possible. Rooms ending in  **50-**57 floors 7 and above on the west wing of the hotel have reported views over the terminal 1 complex and the link taxiway between the terminals.

Out in the corridor the windows by the lifts face in the other direction giving views of runway 16L/34R which the majority of flights using the other terminal (2) use. With Flight Tracking giving warnings of movements it is therefore possible to see most of the traffic by monitoring terminal 1 from the room and walking to the lift area when traffic arrives on the terminal 2 runway.

Photos: * None possible from the hotel.
Value: ** Rooms in the west wing starting from £60 a night
Book:   This hotel can be booked through the following site  BOOKING.COM
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Above: View from  the Narita Tobu. A Singapore 747 can be seen landing to the right of the radar Credit Findlay Osborn

Marroad International Hotel            Last Update 2019

is located approximately 3/4 mile North of runway 16R threshold and is linked to the airport by a free courtesy bus. On the top floor of the hotel there is a restaurant which offers great views of all of the airport where you should read most things off with a good telescope.

This hotel is the favorite location for photographers due to the close proximity of Runway 16R. Spotters will miss movements as few rooms really give a view of all movements. 

Location: *** Very convenient for spotters. A shuttle bus links the hotel to the terminals
Spotting: ** Many things can be read off but not all. Room 1107 in the central complex gives views of the action on both runways although some can be distant.
Photos: **

Ask for an runway facing room looking west and you will have great views of runway 16R.

Rooms looking East will have views of the Cargo Apron and the near stands on Terminal 1. Traffic climbing off the terminal 2 runway can be seen in the distance from East facing rooms but SBS is required to identify the traffic

Be aware that from most rooms you can only see one runway, so a few movements may be missed.

Value: *** Outstanding value at just £45 per twin room per night.
Book:   This hotel is available through the  BOOKING.COM where a Runway 16R room option can be selected for the photographers among us.

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Above, view from a Runway facing room at the Marroad Road Hotel

Credit : Tsurikichitetsu. See an excellent wide range of Tokyo Airport videos here

Narita View Hotel
is located near to the above hotel just 1/2 mile form the threshold of runway 16R. The hotel provides a free shuttle bus to and from the terminals. Reports suggest that rooms 1135 to 1150 offer great views of landing and departing traffic on 16R as well as the cargo area. As the hotel is so close to the action, expect to read off all movements on this runway during daylight hours with no problem at all. There are quite likely to be many other rooms with good views but as is often the case, try and get a room on a high floor with an airport facing room.
Location: *** Very convenient for the airport and its great viewing decks.
Spotting: *** With an airport facing room you will not miss many movements.
Photos: ** Not possible from the hotel. Use the viewing decks for great photos.
Value: *** A typical price for a twin room is just £55 per night.
Book:   This hotel is available through the website of BOOKING.COM
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Narita Airport Rest House
Is the closest hotel to the terminal complex (only a short walk 5 minute from terminal 1 and its excellent viewing area). This is a great hotel for those who want to be in walking distance of the excellent viewing terrace on Terminal 1 as you re literally a 5 minute walk away. 
Location: *** More or less in the vicinity of terminal 1 this makes an excellent base. We recommend that you take the 5 minute walk to the hotel, rather than wait for the shuttle if you don’t have lots of luggage
Spotting: ** Ask for a room overlooking the airport and chances are you will get a room overlooking the taxiway between terminal 1 and 2. Most aircraft that leave terminal 2 tend to take off from the terminal 1 side runway therefore most movements can be seen. Room 622 is an example of a room with this view.

Other airport facing rooms seem to have a view of the right hand side of terminal 1 and it’s associated runway, room 501 has these views confirmed, odd numbered rooms up to *09 should have similar views. From these particular rooms you can also see the taxiway out to 16R as well as views of traffic on short final (see video below)

Most people will use this hotel and spot from the airport terraces, however this hotel offers the option of night time spotting if flight tracking software is used.

Photos: * No Reports
Value: ** Great value starting from £35 a night

This hotel can be booked through the following site or  BOOKING.COM

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Hilton Narita Last Update 2018

The Hilton Narita is found to the North West Of Narita Airport. Airport facing rooms look down towards the 16R threshold and onto the cargo apron and beyond. Traffic on short final for 16R can be easily read off as it passes the window. Departures lining up on 16R can be seen although Flight Tracking may be required for tie ups.

Movements on the far parallel runway can also be seen however these are distant and Flight Tracking is required for tie ups.

Ask for a East of South Facing Room on the exterior facing the airport, ideally on the 10th floor or above.

The hotel is available to book as a 6 hour transit stop with free airport transfers for around £25 or around £40 per night for a full stay through Booking.Com which offers great value.

View as if looking through binoculars of Runway 16R and Cargo Area from The Hilton Narita

Hotel Nikko Narita Last Update 2019

This hotel has the advantage that some rooms look out onto both runways, however views of the far runway can be distant and flight tracking is often needed for tie ups. High level odd numbered rooms ending **01 to *49 should give the above views.

The hotel is close to the newer Runway 16L, arrivals can be read off as they taxi in from the runway onto the apron. To the right hand side distant views of the cargo apron can be had, movements on the far parallel can be seen through gaps in buildings but you need to be quick!

If you are looking to make your own travel arrangements please click on to be taken directly to the hotel information page

Toyoko Inn Narita Airport Shinkan

This is a budget hotel overlooking the aprons of Terminal 2 and the low cost terminal 3 area. The rooms are very small (you need to place your suitcase under the bed due lack of space. The hotel caters for tours, mainly Chinese trips and the eating areas can get very overcrowded at peak times.

The hotel does not have too many rooms overlooking the airport but if you do land one, you will probably get the some of the best views at Narita Airport from a hotel room.

The hotel is on the new Runway 16L side of Narita. If landing 16L traffic vactaes onto the long parallel taxiway and is easily read off as it passes by the hotel. All traffic on the low cost Terminal 3 parks directly beneath you. Around hald of the many aircraft on Terminal 2 (JAL) can be read off from the room whilst on stand, you will get the others as they taxi off.

Runway 16R is a problem, if taking off you see the aircraft in the distance climbing out tail on, landers cannot be seen.

If the opposite ends are in use, lander’s on the nearby 34R fly past the hotel on short final and can easily be read off and photographed. Arrivals on 34L can be seen head on in the distance before disappearing out of view prior to touch down. Aircraft departing 34L can be briefly seen as they turn to line up before disappearing behind buildings. Flight tracking is required for 34L movements.

Terminal 2 and its associated viewing decks are a 20 minute walk from the hotel, or you can take a chance and try to get a seat on the hotel shuttle which runs around every 30 minutes.

The hotel provides a basic breakfast catered for Asian tastes, although scrambled eggs and toast are available.

If you are looking to make your own travel arrangements please click on to be taken directly to the hotel information page

Typical airport facing room view of Terminal 2 from the Toyoko Inn. The low cost terminal 3 pier would be beneath you to the left of the picture. Runway 16L is to the left.
When Runway 34R is in use, traffic on short final can be taken using a 400 lens and slight cropping.
When Runway 16L is in use traffic passes by the hotel room on the parallel taxiway. Any aircraft like the Dash 8 above that uses the nearby taxiway by Terminal 3 can be easily photographed from the room of the Toyoko hotel.
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