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Marriott Dulles Airport
is situated right at the centre of the airport complex and is connected with the airport by means of a frees shuttle bus. When you book this hotel make sure you ask for a room with a lakeside view. From these rooms you will get a somewhat distant view of the approach to runway 01R. With the help of a scanner you can make a note of the flight numbers of the arrivals and hopefully tie them up on ACARS
Location: *** Great location being so close to the airport.
Spotting: ** You can see things from the rooms with a view of the lake, but they tend to be a bit too far away to read off easily.
Photos: **
You can take photos from pretty much every room on 2nd floor and up on the lake side view.
Departures from runway 1R or arrivals on 19L from noon until it gets dark. Minimum 300mm lens required
Value: *** Great value for a twin room with prices typically £48 for one night.
Book:   The hotel can be booked through Marriott Hotels 
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Above: Typical shot from a lake side view room at the Marriott    




Hyatt Hotel Dulles
Is close by to the perimeter and the runway 19L. A free shuttle operates to the terminal area.
Location: ** One of the closest hotels to the terminal complex with a 5 minute shuttle bus service. Various points have been reported in the vicinity of the hotel where you can see arrivals onto 19L when this is the runway in use. The hotel also overlooks the Signature FBO.
Spotting: ** Nearly all movements can be seen and is a great view across the airport. However you do need an SBS box to tie them up as the view is distant on most movements. If they were landing on 1R and taking off past the hotel window and you can read these fine but other runways are hard to read registrations. One bonus was inbounds into Washington National could easily be seen and tied up with SBS as they came right over at 8,000 feet. High rooms ending on low even numbers give the best views. Room 1410, 1202 and 1012 are reported as giving fine views. One tip is to take an extension lead as the layout of the room is not set up for monitoring a laptop and looking out of the window and a normal laptop power cable wont allow you to do this
Photos: ** One or two points have been reported around the short final area to RW19L. Walk out of the hotel and explore-follow the aircraft !
Value: * Rooms starting from £100 per night The hotel let you book an airport facing room with good views for an extra £5 a night
Book:   The hotel can be booked on the website of AGODA.COM
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Dulles Spotting Guide Plane Spotting Dulles
The view from the Hyatt is shown above (traffic landing 19L). Credit Dean Mitchell Above View from room 1401  Credit Dean Mitchell


 Above : View of the approaches to Runways 19L and 19R from The Hyatt. Ask for a west facing room facing the airport

Credit : zplnfan click on the link for some more excellent aviation videos.

For further information on Dulles Airport check out the spotting guide at Spotterswiki


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