Plane Spotting Vancouver

Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel
is very highly rated by any spotter that his visited this excellent hotel. Situated very close to the terminal buildings, the hotel lobby can be reached by taking the lift from the international departures. Ask for a room on a high floor facing the airport and you will be amazed at the views!
Location: *** Doesn’t get much better than this.
Spotting: *** The hotel is extremely close to the action. If you are not lucky enough to get a room with a view then visit the “Jetside Bar” or the “Globe Restaurant” which both offer stunning views of the runways and taxiways.
Photos: *** Great photos are available form this hotel.
Value: * Not a cheap hotel. A twin room is approximately £120 per night. Bear in mind the views you will have though, before opting for a cheaper hotel.
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Credit Radiosutch Youtube Channel. Check out the link for more great Aviation videos.

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